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Pray for Pastors Everywhere!

National Day of Prayer:



Who will help the church? Who will stand in the gap against this demonic onslaught of disinformation and deception? Who will rise like cream to the top and declare that Jesus is LORD of the Church? Who will stand up against this Spirit of Covid Fear and government oppression?

The Church is not called to be silenced, masked or muzzled. The Church is not called to social distance and be separated from each other. But rather, we are called to meet and assemble, to embrace, to pray together, to lay hands on the sick and to extend the right hand of fellowship. We are called to break bread together and to worship together in spirit and in truth.

The Church is not called to fit in but to stand out. Stand out in faith. Stand out in love. Stand against and resist a godless government overrun and overturned by godless men and women. Stand up face to face and toe to toe against the wicked one who is roaming rampant throughout the earth.

Thank God for the Pastors who are standing up in faith and refusing to bow down to the scare tactics of the enemy. Thank God for the Pastors and churches that are standing in the gap and proclaiming freedom from tyranny, government interference and oppression.

Thank God for the Pastors instructing their people in the cause of freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of worship. Thank God for the Pastors who understand and teach that America was founded on godly principles. Thank God for Pastors and churches who stand up for marriage and stand against the heinous slaughter of innocent babies in the womb and beyond.

Thank God for the Pastors and congregations who refuse to bow down to a rogue government and unlawful mandates. Thank God for the Pastors who stand up for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, who aren’t ashamed to say so and who instruct their people in the goodness of being involved in a righteous government.

Pastors! O that God the Father will keep you, bless you and that the GLORY OF THE LORD will fall upon you and your congregation. O that your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions. O that your sons and daughters would prophecy. Holy Spirit come with a rushing mighty wind and save this generation and open their eyes and ears to see and hear the truth that Jesus saves, heals and delivers.

Pastors! May revival break out and spread forth in your sphere of influence. May the God of increase provide all that you need. May the God of all peace bring you comfort in troubled times and sustain you, your families and your church in these perilous times.

Come! O Holy One! Come and pour out your Spirit upon the flesh of the Pastors, the Church and upon all people, tribes and tongues in America and the Nations of the earth!

In Jesus name. Let the Church say amen!



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