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Pray for our President

Holy and Righteous Father.

Today we lift up urgent prayers for President Trump. He is surrounded on all sides. He is surrounded above and below. Father God. Give him spiritual discernment and Godly wisdom as he wades through these turbulent waters. Let it penetrate his heart and mind.

Give him supernatural strength not to bow down to the voices of doom and gloom that surround him. Help him discern between the truth and the lies. We know he walks a tightrope. Steady his feet and his hands. Steady his steps. Keep him on the right path.

Almighty God. Protect him from the snares of the enemy. Protect him from traps laid before his feet. Protect him from deceitful words. Protect him from the lies of the accuser of the brethren. Protect him from being entangled in the affairs of this world that are contrary to your will and your ways.

You have placed him in this position. Cause his hands and feet to walk this path you have laid out before him. Give him the fear of the Lord rather than the fear of man. Give him what he needs to be able to perform the tasks You have placed in his hands.

We declare this over our President. Rise up! Oh Spirit of God! Rise up and overshadow him today. Send the breath of the wind of your presence. Swirl up around him. Engulf him in your goodness and mercy. Enfold him in your arms and strengthen him.

We come together in agreement. In Jesus mighty name. So be it!

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