Praise the Lord of Hope!

Father God.

We praise you! We praise you in your holy mountain. We praise you for your unfailing love. We praise you for your unfathomable mercy. We praise you for your unrelenting goodness. Selah.

We praise the Lord from east to west. All across this great Nation. We praise and thank you for conservative leaders rising up. We call forth conservative victories all across the land. We call forth landslide victories. We call forth a tsunami of deflections from the left to the right!

We declare protection again over the Republican Convention. Over every speaker at every location across the country. We declare that their words would pierce the darkness and shine forth hope, unity and patriotism. Open the people’s hearts and minds to hear and see the truth of this great Nation under God.

We call forth viewers that are confused. We say! Confusion turn to clarity! We call forth viewers straddling the fence. We say! Move to the right! We call forth the 30,000,000 nonvoting evangelicals to be drawn to the screen. We say! Wake up oh sleeper! We call forth the desperate, the hopeless and the weary. We say! There is a hope!

O Glorious One! Let your light shine forth through this Convention. Shine Jesus shine! Shine bright! We call forth your presence to permeate through the screens. You can use anything to draw people to yourself. Use this Convention to touch people’s hearts and minds and give hope! All is not lost! There is still hope!

We declare the Word of the Lord over America. From sunrise brilliance to sunset beauty. We lift up his praise from dawn to dusk! For he rules on high over the nations with a glory that outshines even the heavens.

Oh! Glory hallelujah! Come and rule over America. We open the door and invite you in. O Most Gracious Lord. The one enthroned on high. Stoop down. Look upon us. Lift us up above the shadows. Shine on us! Shine on us! Shine your brilliant light of hope all across America.

We sing a song of freedom. We sing a song of hope. We sing a song of praise to you tonight. God Bless America!

In Jesus name. Amen.