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Open The Gates

Father God.

Open the gates! Open up the floodgates of heaven. Let it rain. Oh! Let it rain. We are looking to the skies and we are expecting some rain. The latter rain! The latter rain that will be greater than the former rain. Oh yes!

We are expecting revival across the land. We are expecting restoration across the land. We are expecting relief across the land. Let your presence rain down. Let your healing rain down. Let salvation rain down. In the midst of it all. We call down the latter rain.

Almighty God. We see the plans of the enemy. We are not ignorant to his schemes. We say! Though we have been surrounded by hostile groups and gangs. Though we have been attacked. Though they have tried to make us feel guilty. Though they are swarming like bees and are as thick as fleas. Though they burn and brag. Though they contrive covid and chaos. Though they strive to control us and manipulate us. There is a remnant rising!

And we refuse refuse refuse to believe and accept the report of the enemy. We refuse to accept the report of the media or the naysayers or the conspiracy theorists. Or anyone else who sets themselves up against the authority of the Lord Most High. We choose to believe the report of the Lord! We walk by faith not by sight!

We declare! In Jesus name. The enemy will be destroyed with the authority of the Lord. They cannot destroy the church. Not gonna happen! They cannot destroy this nation or this President. The Lord he will rescue us. The Lord he is our strength and our song. He has given us the victory. We declare it!

We will sing songs of victory in the camp. Songs of joy will rise from our streets rather than shouts of rage. The strong right arm of the Lord will be raised in victory. The strong right arm of the Lord is glorious. The strong right arm of the Lord is raised in triumph. We will not die. We will live to tell what the Lord has done!

Open the gates! Open the gates where the righteous enter. We will go in and thank the Lord. Bring us through the gates into your presence. This is all your doing and it will be wonderful to see. This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

We declare the goodness of the Lord over America. We declare it! We call it forth! We give him thanks as we enter the gates victorious!

In Jesus name. So be it!



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