Not disgraced.


We give our lives to you. We trust in you because you are our God. You will not let us be disgraced. You have plans for us. You have plans for America and the Nations. You have plans for the revival of all revivals. You have plans for the Great Awakening and nothing will get in your way.

You said! “No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who try to DECEIVE others.” Psalms‬ ‭25:3‬

Since that IS the case. Since that is your Word. Since You said it. Since the blood of Jesus is against Satan and his demonic kingdom. Therefore! These great DECEIVERS set before us will surely be disgraced, dethroned and ejected from society. Surely the blood of Jesus is against you Satan. Surely the LORD will give us the victory!

We declare VICTORY in Maricopa County! We come against those who come against the TRUTH. We push back every onslaught against this audit. We push back against every suit filed to stop it. We push back against every riot, assault or attack that would rise its ugly head to do harm. You will stand down!

We come against every trap that has been set. We come against hidden traps. We come against hidden agendas. We come against division and strife. We declare every wrong deed will be EXPOSED and brought out of the shadows. We declare dominos will begin to fall. One by one. State by state. We declare TRUTH will rise to the top and any lies, deception and thievery will be revealed.

We call forth election integrity. We call forth election reform. We call forth a swift resolution to the stolen 2020 election. It will NOT stand. We will not back down from seeking the truth. We will not just bury this and walk away. We will stand united. We come into agreement as the Body of Christ that the LORD HIMSELF will ransom America from this great injustice!

Let TRUTH be revealed. Let God be truth and every man a liar. Let FREEDOM ring! He that the Son sets free is free indeed.

Let the GLORY OF THE LORD invade America and swipe away every attempt to depress, oppress and suppress the people.

Let the SHIELD OF THE LORD protect America. Protect President Trump. Protect the innocent. Protect our families, homes and communities.

We declare! The SPIRIT OF THE LORD is raising up a standard against the floodwaters of the enemy. The LORD shall prevail in America! The LORD shall prevail in the Nations!

We declare! We shall not be disgraced. The Name of the LORD shall not be disgraced! It shall stand!

So be it! In Jesus name.