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Not afraid.

The Lord!

He is my light and my salvation. Why should I be afraid? He is our fortress. He protects us from danger. Why should we tremble? These mountains before us will MELT LIKE WAX. They are the ones to bow low before the Lord. They are the ones to tremble. They are the ones to crumble and fall while we stand steadfast and rock solid on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

When our enemies come to devour us. When they come to devour America and steal her freedom. When they come to devour our President and righteous leaders. When they open their mouths to devour and attack! We declare! They WILL choke on their own words and actions. They will stutter, stumble and fall. They will be CAUGHT in their cheating. They will be caught in their fraud. They will be caught in their lies and deception. They WILL NOT prosper. They WILL NOT succeed. The wicked will be exposed. The truth will prevail.

O Lord of the Angel Armies. Come and conceal us from the enemy. Hide us in your sanctuary. Keep us high upon the rock out of the reach of our enemies. Keep us O Lord! Keep us from falling into their hands. Keep us from their threats of violence. Keep us from their outrageous outbursts. Keep us safe in your loving arms and in your constant care.

Drag the wicked away! Drag them through the dust and the dirt. We declare their punishment will match their evil intents upon this Nation. Pay them back for their evil intentions. Pay them back for the harm they have caused in the year 2020. Pay them back for the destruction they have laid at the feet of the people. Pay them back for the fear mongering they have heaved upon us. Give them a taste of what they have done to others.

We see them. Full of themselves and their demonic edicts to control. They sit in their ivory palaces and condemn the people. They can talk to the backs of our hands! Enough! We turn a deaf ear to their condemnation and belittling words. Enough! They speak only to lift themselves up and squash the people down. Enough! They spew out threats and venom. Enough! They condemn us. Enough! We call down the Lord Most High like a rushing mighty wind to silence them!

O righteous judge of the earth. Pay them back! All of them. Every corrupt, power hungry politician and public health official pulling the wool over peoples eyes and filling their ears with cotton lies. Pay them back! For elec.tion fra.ud. Pay them back! For co.vid fra.ud. Pay them back and judge them with the same judgement they are spewing out. Silence their voices! Muzzle THEIR mouths. Hide them in their own caves of this delusional paranoia.

We praise you with hearts of wonder for your goodness to us even in times of evil. Oh Yes! You are good. You are our strength and our shield. We trust you. You help us and our hearts are glad. Oh Yes. Our hearts are glad even times of distress. You are our safe fortress and we will rest in you. You are the light of the world and we are not afraid!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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