No Condemnation!

“With the arrival of Jesus, the Messiah, that fateful dilemma is resolved. Those who enter into Christ’s being-here-for-us no longer have to live under a continuous, low-lying black cloud. A new power is in operation. The Spirit of life in Christ, like a strong wind, has magnificently cleared the air, freeing you from a fated lifetime of brutal tyranny at the hands of sin and death.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:1-2‬ ‭MSG

O Hallelujah! There is NOW no condemnation. Right now! None! We have been set free! What a wonderful way to live! What a marvelous gift we have been given! Thank you LORD for this glorious gift of freedom and hope. Yes! Hope reigns eternal and help is on the way!

We do NOT live under the oppression that is being dished out. We don’t live in guilt. We live OVER it! We put it under our feet. In Jesus name. The enemy has NO HOLD on us, our families or our communities. The enemy has NO HOLD on America. We are ALIVE in the Spirit. We are FREE in the Spirit. We are REJOICING in the Spirit. We are free indeed!

We have been given the Spirit of Adoption. We are no longer slaves to sin. We are no longer slaves to oppression. We are no longer slaves to hopelessness or condemnation. We are not slaves to a counter culture indulging in selfishness and foolishness. Ww are not slaves to woke companies and a tyrannical government. We are FREE!

Government does NOT give us freedom. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost gives us freedom. The world cannot take away our freedom. The world cannot take away our joy. The world cannot take away our hope or our salvation. Praise the LORD!

We rebuke the black clouds of darkness seeking to snuff out the light of America and the church. We Say No! The LORD is the light of the world. We are the city on the hill. Our light cannot be extinguished. We will not be expelled from our own Nation. We will not be made to feel “less than” or lunatics for our moral, holy and righteous beliefs.

O Hallelujah! We are the church! We have been bought with a price! We are the prophets, priests and kings of the Most High God. The LORD will fulfill his purpose here on the earth. His will shall be accomplished. There is NO doubt about it!

In Jesus name. Amen and amen.