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Mountains Move!


God of the universe. God of the ages. God of creation. Here from the very start because you started it all. Even from before the beginning of time. You were there. You see it all. You hear it all. You know it all. You own it all.

There is nothing. Absolutely nothing that is not under your control. There is nothing that you cannot do. There is no valley low enough. There is no mountain high enough. You are the God of the valleys and the God of the mountains. Our faith is in YOU alone. O LORD of the mountains!

We declare your wondrous working power over the mountains in front of us. They have been overtaken by evil. We declare they must bow down to your glory. They must bow down to the infallible Word of the Lord. They must crumble and be cast into the sea!

These Silicon Valley giants and their minions must fall. We cast down these giants of tech that exalt themselves above you. We cast down their evil control over the airwaves. Jehovah! Come and put them in their place. Tie their hands from doing evil and set their hearts right.

These evil strongholds and giants of power in New York City! We cast them down down down to the abyss. We call out the false prophets of media and declare them null and void. We cast down the corruption in Wall Street and these evil corporations set against us. Shut the mouths of these ravenous wolves seeking to destroy the American people with their lying deceptive words and control. Take away their evil power and might!

These evil giants of big pharma. We declare the truth and the light to shine on their evil works for all the world to see. We call out the UN, WHO, NWO and all these other world organizations set against the plan of the Lord. You will not succeed and the Lord will tighten your leash!

These demonic strongholds setup over Washington DC. These strongholds over every politician, lobbyist, deep state officials and elitists with their hearts set against the people, the President and America. These strongholds over the CDC, FBI and every other government agency that has been corrupted by evil. We tear them down with the authority of the Lord. We cast them out and call for righteousness to rise up and reign!

We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.

Oh yes! We knock all these down in the name of the Lord God Jehovah. The one who was and is and is to come! The Lord God Almighty is His name! He is holy and righteous and there is none like him!

Almighty God. Move on the House and Senate, mayors and governors and city officials. Give them backbones and clear minds and hearts of integrity. They are here for the people. They are not here for financial gain and power. Knock them down the notches of the ladder. Remove those from office that are tyrants and communists at heart. Remove them in shame for the evil, death and destruction they caused to this Nation and her people. Be gone you vipers!

There is no demonic mountain that is high enough that you cannot reduce to a field of rubble and kick it to the sea! Jehovah come! Come and expose the wicked in this land. Expose them from the greatest to the least. Shine down your glory and reveal the truth all across the land!

In Jesus mighty name. Let the church say Amen.


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