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Mercy Come Running

Merciful Father.

I can’t get away from your mercy. Let it come running to meet us. Run. Run. Run. Mercy come running like a prisoner set free. Run past all of our failures in America. Run past all of our needs. Run straight to the heart of the matter. Straight to our hearts. Make them righteous. Make them holy. Make them just and pure in your sight. Thank you for mercy.

For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. God help us to be merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment. Oh yes! Let mercy triumph over America today. Be merciful and release us from this demonic onslaught. In Jesus name. We bind every evil plot, plan and scheme. From the socialists in government halls to the hoodlums on the streets to the vile halls of academia. We rebuke these evil doers and their diabolical threats. Oh! Mercy come in fury and blast away our enemies.

Let mercy triumph over our President and Vice President. In Jesus name. Surround them with your holy warring angels. Go before them and behind them. Protect them from within and without. Protect their families. Protect their homes. We declare. No evil come nigh their dwelling places. No evil will cross their paths. No evil plans will come to pass. Oh Mighty One! Place an impenetrable wall of supernatural protection around them at all times.

Let mercy triumph over the church. In Jesus name. Wake up the complacent. Wake up the sleeping. Wake up the insolent and the indifferent. Send revival to the church so we can reach the lost. Set our hearts and souls on fire with a holy zeal. Give our hearts a makeover. Our vision needs clarity. Our priorities need to change. Return the church to her first love. Trouble the waters of our hearts. Spill out the idols. Fill us up with your love. We jump jump jump into your life giving flow. We don’t want to just wade. We want to dive in from head to toe. Immerse us with your presence and holy fire.

Jesus! Your love never changes. Your love is steadfast. It never ever ceases. Even in our lackluster commitment to you. Your love burns bright. Your mercies never come to an end. You never get sick and tired of us. Every morning that we wake. You are right there loving us. Your mercies surround us. This is our hope. Your faithfulness is great.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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HalleluYah! Amen!!!

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