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May 27 / Morning Prayer

Father. We test you. Over and over. Just like the Israelites. We have become entrenched and entangled with idolatry throughout America. We forget you. We lose battles. Then, we are frantic for you. We repeat the cycle. Over and over and over. We are they who constantly lose our way.

We have sit idly by while the idolatrous gods of the land have squirmed their way into every nook and cranny of our lives. We pursue pleasure. We pursue entertainment. We pursue the American dream with all of our hearts. Instead of pursuing You with all of our hearts. We our lovers of self more than lovers of God. We condemn the world while we have a log sticking out of our own eye.

We are they who have allowed idols into our homes. We surround ourselves and our children with them. Like Lot, we live in fertile fields and pitch our tents toward Sodom. Leading idolatrous lives. Forgive us, Oh Merciful Father. You have given this generation a moment in time to not back down. We will not be like Lot hiding in the caves out of fear. We stand up. We say! We will come out of our caves and proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord.

Give us the courage to stand up and pursue righteousness. Give us the strength to overcome. We cry out for You. We need You in America. We thank you again. Yes! Again. We thank you for your mercy and grace over President Trump, Vice President Pence and this Administration. We appreciate them. We support them. We ask You to strengthen and protect them.

But it is You! It is You, Oh Lord. You are God and God alone. It is you who will win this battle. As Judah goes out in front. Singing the high praises of the Lord God Almighty. We boldly come to you and seek You and You alone. We seek your face. We seek for your hand to guide us. For your will and your way. We ask for guidance and direction. We are nothing nothing nothing without You! Tell us when to go and when to stay. Tell us when to speak and when to be silent.

We must become like Abraham. When You say move. We must move. When You say stay. We must stay. When You say pray. We must pray. When You say destroy the idols in the land and in your lives. We must obey. We must cast our eyes upon You. Cleanse your church from unrighteousness. Cleanse your church from selfishness. Cleanse your church from idolatrous ways.

Almighty God full of power. Full of might. Full of strength. We ask for courage to kick the enemy out of the camp. And, then pursue him as he has pursued us! Come to our aid as we stand up and face this giant. This is more than fighting a physical virus. We are fighting against spiritual wickedness. Yes! Against rulers of darkness. They seek to devour and destroy us! Oh Lord God Almighty. Give us spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear. We are fighting the enemy for the soul of America and for the souls of our sons and daughters.

Lord of the Heavens and the Earth. The one who made it all. We do not despair! We do not look back. We do not hunt for answers in vain imaginations. We do not look to the left or to the right. We must keep our eyes on You and You alone while we battle the gates of hell. We look to You and your Word. We do not look around. We do not look down. We look Up! Up! Up!

Like David, we will dance before you with all of our might. We will dance upon the ashes of the coronavirus. We will dance upon the heads of our enemies. We will dance for joy as we turn our backs on our idolatrous ways. We pitch our tents toward You.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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