Maricopa County Prayer

Spirit of God!

Come and cover MARICOPA COUNTY!

In Jesus name. The One who is the King!

We PUSH BACK against the hounds from hell seeking to stop this Arizona audit. We call you out! Who do you think you are? Nothing will stop what God is doing. No one can stop what God is doing. We rebuke your silly frivolous suit. We rebuke any riots that try to raise their ugly heads. We rebuke your attempts to continue this “steal”. God will repay you for the evil works of your hands!

It makes no difference! Whether it’s the audit in Arizona or the election reform in every state. Our Great Big God is at work behind the scenes. He is the great director. He is orchestrating. He is moving parts and pieces. He is intervening. Our God is in control. Nothing and no one can stop his hand! God will save America!

So be it!