Make Your Face To Shine On Us

Heavenly Father.

Looking down from above. You see the state of this world. Some ignore it. Some are held hostage in the middle of two worlds. Some panic. Some feign ignorance and turn a blind eye. Cities in shambles. Cities held captive. Leaders shrug their shoulders. We shake our heads in disbelief.

If it was not for the Lord! Oh Yes! The Lord who is always on our side. Always close by. Always ready to help his people. Always ready to step in when we call upon his name. Always ready to hear our cries. Always ready to help us in time of need. Jehovah Jireh is his name. Always ready to provide what we need. We turn to you.

The one who is always ready to make a way! He is the way maker! He will make a way in the wilderness. He will part the seas. He will shut the lion’s mouth. He will slay the giants in the land. He will cause the ax head to float. He will use a donkey to talk. He can use some coins and a fish. He can ride triumphant on a small colt. He will use whatever it takes to accomplish his purpose. Oh Lord! Use me. Use us. Use the church. Use the remnant.

Here we are. Battle ready. We cry out! Drive the anarchy away! Trying to destroy the very fabric of America. They are the blind leading the blind. We know the enemy is on a rampage. Diabolical schemes. Demonic rituals. Dismantling our Country. Disbanding the church. We say. No no no. Devil no not today. Not tomorrow or the next day. No! You will not succeed. You will not.

Almighty God. Deliver us from this dread. This scourge. Clear out the pagans from among us. We declare a righteous coup over the enemy and his minions. Let our enemies see your frown and recoil from the fury of your anger. Deal with them swiftly! They cannot have what is not theirs! We pray down the anointing oil of the presence of the Lord to cause them to slip and slide out of control. Then! We take it back!

We plead the blood of Jesus over our President and Vice President. Place your gracious hands upon them. In Jesus name. We push back any plots and schemes to overturn this administration. We declare unity among this administration. We push back every leftist agenda coming against them. We push the propaganda media so far back they disappear from sight. We push back with the authority of the Lord.

Oh Mighty One! You! Enthroned in the heavens. Striding across the skies. We follow your lead. Show us which way to go and what to do. Raise up the righteous across the land. Sweep the pagans away. Knock them off their feet to make way for the goodness of the Lord in the land of America.

Oh! God of Heaven’s Armies. Show your strength! Oh! Won’t you come and strengthen us. Take the load from our shoulders. Free up our hands from these heavy tasks. Send your claps of mighty thunder to scatter the enemy. Yes! Scatter them. Subdue them. They will become nothing but obscurity while you rise and shine in our midst.

Put your hands upon our enemies and remove them. Remove them from political office. Remove them from legal positions. Remove them from courts and justice. Remove them from before our faces. Let the righteous rise up and displace them.

Oh Mighty One! You are glorious in battle. You are awesome in splendor. You do great wonders. Raise your right hand and cover the earth. Your unfailing love will lead us out of this barren land. By your might, we will prevail.

We turn to you. You will make your face shine upon us. We will be glad.

In Jesus name. Amen.