Live Local Adventure!

This past weekend was a real Live Local weekend! We jumped in the car and started out early in our quest to be local yocals. 😁

We began at our Republican County Monthly Meeting. How exciting is that? Of course, there was an issue because they said we hadn’t voted in two years. 🙄 No clue where that came from. They asked me who do you know here? Uh ... no one. I know Jesus. He lives in my heart. Do you know him? Actually I didn’t say that. I just now thought of it and what a great answer that would have been! Shucks!

So anyway, they call over the Sheriff and asked him if he would vouch for us. He did. Big thumbs up and we got into the meeting. I had never met the Sheriff but that was one of the MAIN reasons we were going. We got to ask if he supported the second amendment. He did. Our county is a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County (which I already knew) and he wrote the legislation for it. That was a good thing. Mission accomplished. Jarrin Jackson would be proud! You should follow him on Telegram and me too!

Next we did some local shopping. Hubby on the right. ❤️ Dog - with the deer in the headlights look - on the left. This was at a local Country Store. Of course, they had a HUGE “MASK REQUIRED” sign planted in the doorway that you practically had to climb over to get in. Nonetheless, we went in maskless as we always do wherever we go. It's great to be alive, free and breathing our God given fresh air!

This happened to be near our favorite local bbq joint, Rib Country where we ate. They have 3 or 4 restaurants in NC and North Georgia. They’re the best. Best pulled pork and best onion rings! Thankfully they survived the unnecessary, unlawful and utterly ridiculous covid lockdowns.

Should I tell you how I really feel? If you don't know by now, I am vehemently against masks, social distancing and isolation. It has demonic roots. You can find info here on that.

Next it was onto our local egg farmer for fresh eggs. Fresh eggs are SO good! They had a handmade vase made from a dogwood tree. I love dogwoods so I had to buy it. Got to see the chickens running around. Got nuzzled by the farm dog. Got to see where they had just planted the vegetable crops. Arugula included which is my very favorite. Yum!

We motored through the countryside to a local bee lady, we got some delicious local honey and homemade soap samples too. We had a lengthy conversation about a local grocery store that I will be hesitant to shop At from now on. You learn all kinds of stuff from local folks. See how fun this can be!

It was a good day. You can do the same in your area. Just seek and you will find local stores, restaurants and other local stuff. They are out there. We just have to take the time to look. We just have to STOP giving our money to these godless corporations that don’t care two flips about America. We just have to STOP buying cheap China junk! I am over it and I hope you are too!

This is what I like to say to those who think it's TOO HARD or it will COST MORE MONEY:

"It may be hard to buy local.

Communism is harder.

It may cost more to buy from a Patriot.

Communism will cost you everything."

Let’s be American and buy American! Let’s Live Local and Buy Local! Live Local. It's a thing!

Freedom is never free.

Cheryl ❤️