Let Justice Reign

O Yahweh!

Lord of Heaven’s Armies! How awesome you are. How glorious you are. How faithful you are. You reign with righteousness and justice from your throne room in heaven. You reign with splendor. You with with majesty. Reign down on us O Holy One. Reign down!

Come to the earth. Come to America and reign down righteousness and justice. Let not the wicked prosper! We declare it over America!

This is what the Lord says!

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you. Your glorious throne rests on a foundation of righteous and just verdicts. Grace and truth are the attendants that go before you.

We call down your glorious Courts of Heaven to the Supreme Court on the earth. Reign down your righteous judgements and verdicts in the earth. Reign down over President Trump’s legal teams all across the Nation. We declare favor favor favor in every court. Favor come. Blessing come. Justice come. Winning verdicts come. Let truth, justice, wisdom, knowledge and understanding prevail.

We declare over the church and over America. We will NOT be bullied into silence by their lying, deceptive tongues. They protest TOO much! We will NOT stoop to their level. We will NOT apologize for standing up for morality, goodness and holiness. We will stand strong and secure on the Word of God. It is a light. It is a lamp. It is truth. It is the way. It is the life.

Who is like the Lord? Mighty in battle. He has not left us. He has not forsaken us. Oh no no no! He will CRUSH the strongholds like that of Egypt! ALL of our enemies will scatter at the display of his glory. Thunders and lightnings in the heavens. Shakings of the heavens and the earth. Storms in the air and in the sea. Who can stand against the Lord!

Be delighted with the Lord. Then he will give you all your heart’s desires. COMMIT everything you do to the Lord. TRUST him to help you do it and he will. Your innocence will be clear to everyone. He will VINDICATE you with the blazing light of justice shining down as from the noonday sun.

Come and vindicate us! Show forth the wrongs over this election. Vindicate us! Lord of the Righteous and the Just! Show forth the fraud. The lies. The cheating and stealing. The arrogant and pompous mouths who ignore truth and relish in evil. Vindicate us from these lying, perverted spirits and shine the light of truth. We pull down these fraudsters and cast them out. In Jesus name. They will not prevail against the Courts of Heaven!

This is what the Lord says to America!

For the wicked shall be destroyed, but those who trust the Lord shall be given every blessing. Only a little while and the wicked shall disappear. You will look for them in vain. But all who humble themselves before the Lord shall be given every blessing and shall have wonderful peace. Hallelujah!

We declare victory for our President. We declare victory in the courts. Every court! Let not the wicked, the cheaters or the one sided prevail. Let truth and justice for all prevail. We declare victory in and for America. We declare the Lord is NOT finished with America. We declare victory in the election from the top to bottom!

We declare the Lord did not raise up a remnant to be muzzled and cowered down like whipped animals! Oh no! We say to you enemy! Watch out! We aren’t shrinking we are growing in power and boldness. We RESIST the enemy and he must flee. He must flee at the name of Jesus! You! Enemy of mankind and freedom. You will bow down low. You will be crushed as the dust under our feet.

We rise up and call down the Lord of the Angel Armies and the Hosts of Heaven! EXPOSE THE WICKED! REVEAL THE TRUTH. Bring forth justice in the courts of the earth as it is in the Courts of Heaven!

In Jesus name. So be it!