Let Freedom Ring!

Abba Father.

Thank you for another night of inspiring Americans! We are such a wonderful melting pot of hard work, motivation and diversity. It does our hearts good to see patriotic Americans and those who have overcome adversity. Thank you for America! Thank you for this land of promise and this land of opportunity! Let freedom ring!

We proclaim freedom throughout the land. Almighty God. Loose your freedom seeking spirit across America. Through every city and state. Through counties and towns. Let freedom ring across this Nation. Let the flags fly high. Let patriotism soar. We proclaim that America is good in the face of our accusers that want to destroy us. We say again! We are a good nation. We learn from our mistakes and we strive to become better.

Come! O Sovereign Lord of all the earth. Come and remove the veil that is tied so tightly around hearts and minds. Remove the veil of tyranny and anarchy and replace it with freedom. In Jesus name. Loose your freedom fighting angels across this land. Knock down the walls of socialism and marxism. Crumble them. Knock them flat.

All across the earth. Knock the walls down. Almighty God. Remove cruel dictators and kings from Africa, China, the Middle East and North Korea. Loose your freedom fighting angels across the earth! Loose them to destroy the strongholds setup over the earth. Release your warring angels in every nation far and wide. We call forth freedom to ring and revival to rise up.

In the mighty name of Jesus. We pull down! We pull down! We pull down these demonic strongholds over America. Loose your freedom fighting angels across America to pull down the demonic strongholds setup over these major cities. Loose them! Loose your angels to loose the people! Satan who is the god of this world. He has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They can’t see the glorious light. We rebuke the blinding power of the enemy!

Pull off the blinders of the lost. Pull off the blinders of the cynical and deceived. Pull off the blinders of the Trump haters. Pull off the blinders of the false prophets of media. Pull off the blinders of the corrupt politicians. Pull off every blinder of those who have setup against us. Pull them off!

Pull off the blinders of this young generation roaming the streets lost, confused and deceived by the evil one. We will not be bullied by their vitriolic words. We will not be bullied by their demonic screams. We will not be bullied by their mobs of hatred and rage. Send the light of revival Lord. Send revival to the riots and send the enemy limping away to the darkness.

In Jesus name. We call forth light to shine in the darkness across this land. Let their be light! O Creator of the Universe. Let their be light once again in America. Send us your Spirit. It’s where the light is. It’s where freedom is.

In Jesus name. Amen.