Latest Vaccine Update: Dr. Mercola

Here is the latest update from Dr. Mercola re: the modified mRNA gene therapy (aka covid vaccine). It's like a software update for your body!??! No thank you! It also puts you in the vaccine passport system. No thank you! Let me just say that this is some really weird stuff going on with this vaccine!😲

Just click the link below to read the article.

COVID-19 Vaccines Likened to ‘Software Updates’ for Your Body

Looks like he has new book coming out about the truth behind Covid 19 also ... which we all know is part of a much bigger, evil plan. (Oh, and I don't get any money for recommending this book.)

We really need to pray and come against these Vaccine Passports. It is a scary thing to think that just around the corner our liberties could be taken away to fly, buy or sell. Good thing we have the LORD on our side!

This is a PERSONAL choice for each of us. Just surround it with research and prayer to make your own decision. It's not for me and my husband. We will trust the Lord with our immune systems and we refuse to bow down to "forced vaccines". What will they force on us next? We need to beware and use discernment in these perilous times.

Disclaimer: The above is my opinion. I am not instructing or advising anyone not to take the vaccine. It should be a choice not "forced".

This is America! All of this should be a CHOICE.

Let God Arise and the enemies of freedom be scattered!

Let Freedom Ring!