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Justice will be served.

“Yahweh is famous for his justice. While the wicked are digging a pit for others, they are actually setting the terms for their own judgment. They will fall into their own pit.

“Don’t forget this: all the wicked will one day fall into the darkness of death’s domain, including the nations that forget God and reject his ways. He will not forget the needs of the poor. One day the needy will be remembered, and their hopes will not be forever dashed in disappointment.

“Yahweh, it’s time to arise and judge the nations who defy you. Don’t let rebellious men triumph. Make them tremble in fear before your presence. Place a lawgiver over them. Make them know that they are only puny, frail humans who must give account to you!” Psalms‬ ‭9:16-20‬

Yahweh! We trust in you. You are our source. You are our hope. You are our God. You are the God of America. You are the God of the earth and the God of the heavens! You are the God is JUSTICE. You are the God of RIGHTEOUSNESS. You are the God of HOLINESS. You will expose the wicked, the lies and the deception. You will shine the light of your GLORY and reveal the truth. We declare! There will be God’s JUSTICE in America!

So be it! In Jesus name.



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