“JUSTICE do you rulers know the meaning of the word?”

You rulers! You oligarchs! You judges! You attorneys. You self appointed kings and dictators! You politicians!

“Do you judge the people fairly?”

Do you have a clue?

Do you have any idea?

Do you even know what you are doing?

“No! You plot INJUSTICE in your hearts. You spread violence throughout the land. These wicked people are born sinners; even from birth they have lied and gone their own way.

“They spit venom like deadly snakes; they are like cobras that refuse to listen, ignoring the tunes of the snake charmers, no matter how skillfully they play.” Psalms 58:1-5

Woe to those set out against justice.

Woe to those set out against the LORD and his throne.

Woe to those set out against the people of God.

Woe to those set out against America.

Woe to those set out against freedom.

We declare the Word of the LORD over you! We declare! The LORD is against you. He will break the fangs off these unrighteous and ungodly snakes! He will smash the jaws of the lions trying to devour this land. They will disappear like water into the dry and thirsty ground.

We declare! Their weapons will become useless in their tainted hands. Their weapons WILL NOT prosper! Their hands will not prosper. Their demonic agendas will not prosper. The LORD strong and mighty will sweep them away! All of them. Young and old! And we the GODLY will rejoice when we see the INJUSTICE in the earth avenged.

The LORD of Justice is roaming the earth! The whole earth shakes at the GLORY of our holy, righteous and just God. The people shake and are set free! The demons shake and flee from before His Presence. The trees of the field clap their hands as he passes before them. The sun, moon and stars bow down before him.

He is the LORD who is full of GRACE AND GLORY! There is none other! Let the GLORY of the LORD rise among us! Let it rise! Let the GLORY arise over Maricopa County. Let the GLORY arise over every city, county and state fighting for their rights and freedom. Let the GLORY arise over Washington DC and every other city across this great Nation. Let the GLORY rise and bring down these unjust thieves of FREEDOM to their knees in repentance.

We declare RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE to rise up across America and the Nations! Let righteous justice expose the wicked! Let righteous justice bring forth the truth! Let righteous justice prevail! Let the redeemed of the LORD say so! Let freedom prevail! Let freedom ring!

So be it! In Jesus name!

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