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Come! O LORD of the Angel Armies gather the nations and kingdoms and RULE over them! Lift up the righteous and tear down the unrighteous. Tear down the evil. Tear down the strongholds. RULE over the earth with your righteous right hand. Let the Winds of Justice blow across the earth!

“ARISE, O Lord, in anger! Stand up against the fury of my enemies! Wake up, my God, and bring JUSTICE!” Psalms 7:6

Come! O LORD of the Angel Armies with your Hosts of Heaven. LOOSE the Winds of Justice and execute judgement against the wicked. Bring justice to the falsely accused. Bring justice to the election. Bring justice to America and the Nations. Bring justice to President Trump.

O LORD! DEFEND the innocent and the persecuted in America and the Nations. YOU are our shield. YOU are our fortress. YOU are our protection. YOU are moving throughout the earth. You are shaking the foundations of the wicked! You have AWAKENED AND SHAKEN your Righteous Remnant loose from the tentacles of this world. We declare the Word of the LORD over the evil ones. YOU SHALL NOT PREVAIL!

YAHWEH is sharpening the Sword of His Word. He has bent his bow to string it with his fiery arrows of truth and justice. The LORD will ALWAYS prevail against the enemy! He has ALREADY prevailed! He will cause them to fall into their own deep traps. He will cause their trouble to backfire on themselves. He will cause the violence they plan to fall upon their own heads.

The LORD is not slack. The LORD will not be mocked. The LORD is just. The LORD is holy and he reigns from on high. We can see him high and lifted up with his train filling the temple! He is pushing down EVERY enemy that opposes him. He will silence EVERY false word that rises up against his Word and his own. He has crowned his Righteous Remnant with VICTORY. We are called to GREATNESS. We are destined for GLORY and we are walking in the AUTHORITY OF THE LORD.

We declare JUSTICE shall prevail across the earth. Nothing can stop the hand of the LORD. Nothing can stop this great awakening. Nothing can stop the revival, restoration and reformation. Nothing can stop the saving Grace of Our God! Nothing and no one can stand in his way! Nothing nothing nothing can stand against!

In Jesus name. So be it!



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