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Judah! Raise a Praise!

Heavenly Father. We made it! Half way through the year. If it had not been for your unfailing love and your tender mercies. We would have given up all hope. But You! Oh Holy One! You remain on the throne. We lift you up. We lift you higher. You are worthy worthy worthy. Worthy of our praise!

If it had not been for you on our side. Where would we be? Where would America be? Where would our President be? You have been faithful to us as a nation. So faithful. You have protected us from past attacks and given us victory. We have not been perfect. We have had failures. But we have worked to become a better nation. We have been a light to the nations of the world. We are a giving people. We are a good people.

We speak life to the people of America. Life come! In Jesus name. We rebuke you foul mouthed enemy. We rebuke your caustic, condemning lies. We are not all worthless. We are not all junk. We are all not crooks and criminals. Judah! She rises before you devil. Shut your mouth! You have no say. You will not win this pathetic evil outburst. We praise the name of the Lord in your face. Our praise is a weapon. You can’t have it. You can’t take it away. Judah says! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for protecting America in the past. Jesus come! Protect us now. Save us from our enemies that would have swallowed us alive in their burning anger. They seek to engulf us in a torrent of hatred and rage. They will not! They will not overwhelm our lives and our emotions. They will not! They will not overwhelm America and her President. Judah cries out. Praise the Lord! We declare! These foolish enemies will not tear us apart. They will not divide. They will not separate us. Spirit of the Living God. Come down! Come rain down unity in our midst.

The last half of this year. Oh Lord! We rebuke bitterness. No roots will form. Make us better people not bitter. We seek you. Not our own selfish desires. Turn our hearts toward you. We beseech you to bring us back to better days.

Judah! She raises a praise across the land of America!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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