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Joy in the Morning

Father God.

We put our hope and our trust in you. Don’t close your ears to us. You are our defender. Don’t remain aloof and refuse to answer us. We turn toward your mercy seat and lift our hands in surrendered prayer. Hear the cry of our hearts as we cry out for America. We do not stop day and night, night and day to bring her before you.

Oh Lord. Don’t allow us to be punished along with the wicked. These hypocrites who smile to our face but hold evil in their hearts against us. It’s a shameful behavior. Step in on our behalf and punish them. Give them what they deserve. Yes! Give them what they deserve for sowing seeds of discord and division. Strife and hate. Sinister seeds is what they sow. May they be repaid a thousand fold for their terror and tyranny. Oh yes! Pay them back in proportion to their wickedness. In Jesus name. Knock them down like pins in a bowling alley. Demolish demolish demolish their plans. Never to be rebuilt again. In Jesus name. Be our great defender!

Oh Merciful One. Don’t turn a deaf ear to us. Hear our prayer for mercy and help. As we lift our hands toward your most holy sanctuary. We know that weeping may last through the night. But joy comes in the morning! You are our strength and our shield. You are our strong tower. You are our fortress. You are our buckler. You are the bright and shining star.

Merciful Lord. Protect the 4th of July celebration at Mount Rushmore. Protect the monument. Protect the people. Protect the President. Cover them in the shadow of your wings. Send down your mighty warring angels to the country side and hill sides surrounding the monument. We declare! In Jesus name. That any evil attempts to do harm fall to the ground null and void.

We declare this over our entire Nation this 4th of July weekend. We call forth the Lord of the Angel Armies and his chariots of fire to defend our cities and streets. Defend us! Oh Lord. Do not let the wicked trample or push those around that have gathered. Let the evil fall flat to the ground beneath. Confuse the enemy. Cause their plans to fail. Bind them. Bind their hands and feet. Bind their mouths. In Jesus mighty name. No weapon formed against us will prosper! No not one!

Oh Merciful Father! Let this be a great time of celebration and relaxation across the nation. Could this July 4th be a turning point for us? Can we turn a corner here and run into one of your suddenly moments? Could we suddenly start to feel some strands of unity? Could we suddenly hear the sound of freedom continue to ring? Could we suddenly hear the voices of these marxists silenced? Could we suddenly start to feel hope for America? Could we suddenly see covid19 pushed to the back instead of the front? Could we suddenly see the false prophets of media come crashing down? Could we suddenly see the church rise to the occasion?

We declare! We will exalt you oh Lord for you have rescued us. And you refused to let our enemies triumph over us. Yes! You refused! Oh Lord God. We cried to you for help and for you to restore our health! We declare it in the name of Jesus. Covid is already defeated. Dead and dried up. Shut the mouths of the oppressors telling their half truths about covid as a scare tactic. We call you out enemy! Ha! The Lord will bring us up out of the grave and keep us from falling into the pit. Our faith has made us whole. We say again! Our faith has made us whole.

We declare over the United States of America! Lord, your anger lasts only a moment but your favor lasts a lifetime. Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning. And then! Hallelujah! You will turn our mourning into dancing. You will remove our sackcloth and clothe us with joy. We will sing your praises and give you thanks. We expect your joy in the morning.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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