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Jesus! Have Mercy On Us!

Father God.

We sit by the roadside like blind Bartimaeus. Jesus is passing by. We throw out fear and doubt. We throw out our inhibitions. We throw out our feelings and our thinking. We refuse to be quiet. We refuse to be silent. We have had enough! We sit by the side of the road and we cry out! Jesus! Thou Son of David have mercy on us!

The enemy and his evil minions. They have tried to silence the remnant church. They have tried to sequester us. They have tried to keep us cowering in the caves. They have tried to belittle us. They have made light of us and made fun of us. But there is a remnant that has risen to the challenge! We will not bend. We will not bow. We will not cease to cry out for this Nation, for our President and for the church. We. Will. Not. Cease. We cry out all the louder! We cry out for America!

Jesus! Thou Son of David have mercy on America. Forgive us the sins of abortion. Millions upon millions of babies lost. Have mercy on us. Forgive us the sins of complacency turned to apathy. Forgive us the sins of sitting idly by while schools, colleges and universities pervert the truth and teach lie after lie to our children and grandchildren. Come and cleanse our government from top to bottom of this demonic evil and corruption.

Jesus! Thou Son of David have mercy, have mercy, have mercy on President Trump. Such vitriol attacks on this man are beyond belief. He stands up for the American people. He stands up for freedom. He stands up against abortion and anarchy. He stands up for the church and they hate him for it. Jesus! Thou Son of David have mercy on President Trump. Comfort him. Strengthen him. Protect him. Be his rearguard and his strong shield. Send your warring angels down to defeat every attempt of harm or danger. Send your warring angels and destroy the plans of his enemies.

Jesus! Thou Son of David have mercy on your church in America. Some sit closed. Some half commit. Some have been shut up and shut down. Churches and pastors in California fight for their churches, their congregations and their freedom. Where is the church? There is silence and the silence is deafening. Where is the outrage? Jesus come and wake up your church! What church will be the next target? What pastor will be next? What state will be next to go after the church?

In Jesus name. Holy Spirit of Almighty God surround these pastors. Surround Jeff Johnson in Calvary Chapel. Raise a standard so high they can’t touch him or his congregation. Send waves of revival and salvation to these California churches. We declare this for every church in California under siege by the tyrannical government.

Jesus! Thou Son of David. Come to us. Have mercy on us. We wait for you. We look to you. We trust in you. We listen for your question: What do you want me to do? We want the people of America to be able to see. We want the light of truth to prevail. We want you to heal our nation and bring salvation and revival. We want you to bring another victory to President Trump. We want righteousness and morality to rise up in the land. We want you to come to us.

Jesus. You say to us. Our faith will make us whole! So we wait in faith by the road for you to pass by.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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