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Infuse us!

Almighty God.

We declare the Word of the Lord over the church. The chosen. The called. The remnant. Those saved by grace not by anything that we have done! It is your gift. We declare the strength of the Lord come upon the church for this spiritual battle.

Almighty God! Hear our cries. Infuse the church with your supernatural strength. Yes! Infuse us. Infuse us to stand against the evil pervading our land. Infuse us to spread the good news that Jesus saves. Infuse us to be encouragers. Infuse us with a zeal for your Word. Infuse us with the fresh fire of revival.

Infuse our President and Vice President with new strength as they stand against the rabble rousers, rioters and their ridiculous rumblings. Infuse the economy! In spite of these governors and mayors trying to debilitate and destroy. Infuse businesses with customers. Infuse Wall Street. Infuse the retail industry. Infuse restaurants. Infuse the people of America with new strength and new courage to stand up for our basic freedoms!

Infuse us with your healing virtue.

Infuse healing over depression and suicidal thoughts. Over the spirit of hopelessness. We declare healing from covid across this Nation. We say again! Covid you are defeated. We thank you God for decrease of this virus. We thank you that we can walk in wisdom and faith together. We declare faith to rise up up up!

We rebuke this spirit of fear, panic and over exaggeration being fed to America by the media. We rebuke it! In Jesus name. Especially over the church. Oh My God in heaven. We fight back against these evil strategies of the devil. That old liar. He is nothing more than an accuser. We turn a deaf ear to him. We declare that an infusion of supernatural faith, courage and holy boldness rise up over the church! Wake up church! Wake up! God is still on the throne. We worship him and him alone. Jesus! Come and reveal your truth to your church!

In the name of Jesus. Send an explosion of your power through this Nation. Explode salvation and redemption to the lost. Explode a Holy Ghost revival over the church. Let us feel the explosive force as you come to our rescue. Let us feel the explosive force of your grace and mercy cover us once again.

Let us feel your explosive power as we stand victorious even in the face of our enemies. We declare it to be so!

In the mighty name of Jesus. So be it!

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