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Merciful Father.

Have mercy on America! O God. How you love us. Your love is unfailing. Blot out the stain of our sins. They are many. Let us walk in repentance and salvation. We turn the other way. We do not take our freedoms for granted. Turn around this great Nation. Protect us from the wrath of our accusers.

All of our hope is in you Lord. You are the hope of glory! You are the one who gives us hope to persevere. We join forces together in the mighty name of Jesus. We bind our hearts and prayers together. We do not stop calling out to you to save America. We are rock steady. Not moved by the winds of change, deception or anarchy. We will not be moved!

God Save America! Save us from these vicious anarchist enemies knocking down the doors and burning down our cities. Save us from the corrupt elite politicians and government officials only seeking personal gain. Locked in away in their ivory towers. Uncaring over the pain they inflict on the American people. They are filthy and vile and a stench in your nostrils. We say! Vengeance is mine says the Lord. You will repay their evil.

Save us from the lies of the false prophets and false teachers. Give the church discernment. We must try and test the spirits. They are evil and rampant and consuming pastors and churches across the nation. Wake up! Oh sleeper. Wake up. Oh sleeping giant of the church. Arise and shine forth the glory of the Lord. In Jesus name. Wake up!

God save the President. We declare the Word of the Lord over President Trump. For I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. We call forth the good plans of the Lord. We call forth goodness over President Trump. Goodness over Vice President Pence. Goodness over the Administration. We say! They will walk in the goodness of the Lord. Oh Yes!

Merciful Father. End the captivity of covid. They hold this over us like a death dirge. They hold the people captive in fear. They hold the people captive by intimidation. We rebuke this covid captivity! In Jesus name. Release the covid hold over the minds of the people. Wake up America! We are free! He that the Son sets free is free indeed. We are no longer slaves. We are not slaves to covid. We are not slaves to the government. We are not slaves to CDC and their ridiculous rendition of false facts and lies. We say again! He that the Son sets free is free indeed.

We rebuke the Spirit of Fear! In Jesus name. Return the people to their right minds. Bring clarity of thought. Bring reasoning. We have been given a sound mind. Open the doors of truth and let your light shine forth to the fearful. Break these fearful yokes of chains around their necks. Snap the chains of fear! Pull the scales from their eyes to see the lies of the enemy!

Lord of the Angel Armies. We call you down to us. Come with your mighty angelic band and set up camp among the people of America. We need some church! We need some fellowship! We need to gather together! We will not stand idly by while the enemy seeks to isolate and destroy. We will not.

We rebuke the words “social distanced”. We despise those words. We cast them down and rebuke them. In Jesus name. We rebuke “ the mask”. Be rebuked you vile attempt to annihilate the very face from people and their voices and expressions. We do not! We do not! We do not accept this masked attempt by the enemy to separate, isolate and shut our mouths. We do not accept it! We tear it up and cast it down to the pit of hell where it came from. Be gone! In Jesus name.

Oh Holy One. Come to us in your mercy. Come to us in your faithfulness. You are our inheritance. Oh! Yes you are. We have great hope in you. We have great trust in you. We stand on your Word. We will not be moved!

So be it!

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