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I Speak Jesus!

So I was just listening to this song by Charity Gayle. It was speaking so strong to my spirit and I was just thinking about the name of Jesus. I decided to share it and believe that it will be an encouragement for someone else as well!

O Hallelujah! He is FOR us and NOT against us!

It is amazing ....

How we can call on Him.

How He changes everything.

How He makes all things new.

How He swells within our hearts.

How He is closer than a brother.

How His presence is so real.

How He never leaves us.

O how He loves us! O what He has done for us! O what a sacrifice! O what love!

So we speak your name Jesus. We speak it into the atmosphere around us. Come and change things. Come and change us. Come and be our Saviour, our Master and our Teacher.

Oh how we love you, Jesus!




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