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I am your enemy!

This is what the LORD says! “I am your enemy,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. Never again will you plunder conquered nations. The voices of your proud messengers will be heard no more.”

O Hallelujah! The LORD will shut the mouths of the enemies. The LORD will silence the arrogant mockers and scoffers. The LORD will silence the fear mongering loud mouths that have cried “wolf” for the past year and scared most of the population into a sheer panic and a life full of fear. O LORD! Wake the people from their fearful slumber!

What sorrow awaits you enemies of the LORD! You who destroy good with your works of evil. You who think your walls are a fortress and your ramparts impregnable. They will be crushed! Man the ramparts! Watch the roads! Prepare your defenses! Call out your forces! The LORD is moving in the earth and nothing and no one can stop his GLORY. Nothing can stop the revival! Nothing can stop our deliverer! Nothing can stand in the way of truth, justice, righteousness and freedom!

This is what the LORD says! “I am your enemy!” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. I will show all the earth your nakedness and shame. I will cover you with filth. I will show the world how vile you really are!”

We declare these fortresses of the enemy must fall. They are falling falling falling. They will fall like figs to the ground by the hand of those who shake the trees. O how we shake the trees! We grab hold and SHAKE LOOSE these chains of bondage and oppression. In the name of Jesus. You have NO HOLD on us, our families or our churches. You have NO HOLD on America. She is NOT yours for the taking. She is a Nation Under God Almighty.

God bless America! God bless President Trump! God bless our families, churches and communities. God bless the Remnant as we stand in the gap for this Nation and believe for the LORD to part the sea. We declare! The LORD is on our side and he is not finished yet!

In Jesus name. Amen and amen.



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