I AM the LORD!

Blessed be the Name of the LORD!

He is the One who causes kingdoms to rise and kingdoms to fall. He is the One who causes the seas to rise and swell. He is the One who causes the mountains to melt like wax. He is the One who causes men’s hearts to change and become brand new.

We see with our spiritual eyes that the advancement of the Kingdom of God is upon us! What a time to be alive! What a time to see the LORD of Heaven’s Armies on the move! The GLORY of the LORD is among us. Can we not sense it? Can we not feel it? Can we not help but to anticipate the coming of the Cloud by Day and the Pillar by Night? O Yes LORD Yes!

The LORD! Mighty in power and awesome in deed.

He is our dwelling place.

He is the refuge of America!

He is the refuge of Israel!

He is the refuge of the Nations!

He is our help in the time of trouble.

He has promised His grace and mercy.

He has proven himself over and over and over again!

“So we will never fear even if every structure of support were to crumble away. We will not fear even when the earth quakes and shakes, moving mountains and casting them into the sea. For the raging roar of stormy winds and crashing waves cannot erode our faith in you. Selah.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:2-3‬ ‭TPT‬‬

The LORD is our strength! The LORD is our High Tower! The LORD is our Fortress! He will keep our hands. He will keep our feet. He will keep our homes. He will keep America and she shall be saved! He stands in the midst of us and He will not be shaken by these pompous, puny men who profane his name! He will not be moved by these insolent, arrogant threats of puny men. But He will be provoked to anger!

The LORD and his powerful right arm will arise and arrive with the Host of Heaven by his side to knock down this modern day Goliath and his evil cohorts. The LORD will churn the camp of the enemy into dust. They will disintegrate at the sound of his Holy Voice as he rises in anger against those who mock and provoke him to wrath.

“Everyone look! Come and see the breathtaking wonders of our God. For he brings both ruin and revival. He’s the one who makes conflicts end throughout the earth, breaking and burning every weapon of war.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:8-9‬ TPT

We declare! The tottering kingdom of the enemy will fall! Communism fall. Marxism fall. Socialism fall. Radical agendas fall. The LORD who is the Commander of the Host of Heaven! The LORD of the Angel Armies! He is on OUR side. He is for US and nothing and no one can stand against!

They cannot stand against His Word.

They cannot stand against His Will.

They cannot stand in His Way!

The LORD! He will bring ruin and desolation to the camp of the enemy. He will break and burn every weapon of their warfare. He will bring ruin! He will bring glory and victory to the camp of the righteous! He will bring revival! He will bring reformation! He will rise with healing in his wings like the sun!

O Hallelujah!

The LORD says!

BE STILL and know that I AM God!

I am on your side!

Worry! Be silent!

Anxiety! Be calm!

Fear! Be gone!

Despondency! Turn to JOY!

Shore up your minds and hearts.

Gird your loins with truth.

Keep your eyes on me.

Do not be distracted and NEVER forget.

I AM that I AM. I AM KING of the earth.

I AM LORD of the heavens.

YAHWEH is my name and I am riding on the swirling clouds of GLORY to rescue MY people!

So be it! In Jesus name. Amen.