Holy Holy Holy

Abba Father

We come again standing firm on your Word. Our faith is high even though we are in this low valley. We can still see the sunrise and the sunset. We can still see your streams in this desert. We can still see distant mountain tops.

We stand established in you. We stand established in the Word. We stand established in the faith. We stand established in your covenant. You! Oh Holy One! You are the one who is established in the heavens. You are the Lord! Seated on your lofty throne and the train of your robe fills the temple. The mighty seraphim cry out holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty. The whole earth is filled with your glory.

Oh yes! We can see it. We can feel it. We expect it. Come and fill America with your glory. Come awaken us! In Jesus mighty name. Come awaken those being used by the enemy and his evil spirits. Come awaken the anarchists. Come awaken the media. Come awaken the slumbering politicians content with their political seats and lifetime pensions.

Come awaken the Americans who are wandering about like robotic mimes. Silence fills the air. Facial expressions are gone. People avoid each other. Full of fear and panic like something out of a horror movie. Scared out of their minds. Oh God! Send peace over panic. Send wisdom over foolishness. Send common sense and reasoning to the confused.

Gracious Lord. Come awaken pastors and congregations. Pull off the blinders. Pull out the ear plugs. Reveal yourself to the church! Reveal the truth to the church. Send revival fire to the church. Set the church on fire to stand in the gap for America. We stoke the fire with our prayer and praise as we lift our voices and cry out holy holy holy!

We cry out and shake the earth to its foundations with our holy praise. Fill the skies with thunders and lightnings that shoot from your throne. Fill the earth with the smoke of your glory. Flood our Nation with your truth. We declare truth to rise to the top. We declare glimmers of truth and sparks of hope to pop into the people’s minds. Oh Lord of truth and light! Dispel the dark deception. Dispel it! In Jesus name.

Move on the 30,000,000 evangelicals who did not vote in the last election. Move on the never Trumpers. Move on them Holy Spirit! Convict them! Awaken them to the importance of this upcoming Presidential election. Our freedom is hanging in the balance. We declare the pendulum to swing in the direction of President Trump. Swing in the direction of moral and righteous leaders. In Jesus name. We declare victory in November. We declare it done!

You are able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask, think or imagine. That’s just the kind of God that you are! You remain high on your throne. We cry holy holy holy are you Lord.

In Jesus name. Amen.