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High Praise in our Mouths!

O Hallelujah! Most Holy One! We come before your throne with a new song! We are enthused with joy because of your great faithfulness. We pour out our praise on you as the sons and daughters of Zion! Your holy remnant! The Ekklesia! We break forth with praises and dancing to the beat of the rhythm of the drums. We declare the victory is ours!

You have anointed us with strength! You have given us authority! We pick it up and wield it against the deception and threats of the enemy. We declare these threats of siege, takeover and coup against Washington DC, the White House and President Trump will utterly fail and fall flat. It will not come to pass! Send down your warring angels and chariots of fire to triumph over these anarchists, marxists and communists. We declare these demonic malcontents will not take root and their plans will wither and die on the vine.

We will not be threatened by election chaos. We will not be threatened by covid. We will not be threatened by the false prophets of media. We will not be threatened by the Jezebel spirit running rampant in our government halls. WE ARE THE THREAT! We say again! WE ARE THE THREAT!

God’s high and holy praise is in our mouths and we wield his two edged sword in our hand. We slice and dice through the enemy’s lies of doom, death and destruction. We slice and dice up every demonic stronghold and pull them down to the obedience of Christ. And we shout a high and holy praise in the face of our enemies!

Our shouted praise is our weapon of war!

Our shouted praise is our weapon of war!

Our shouted praise is our weapon of war!

We shout the praises of our Most High God over America, her people, President Trump and the election. We shout praises of victory and celebration because of the goodness and greatness of our God. You have established these declarations and decrees in the courts of heaven. O Lord! We declare back to you that what is established in heaven we call down to be established in the earth.

These warring weapons of praise will bring vengeance! Yes! In Jesus name! They will bring the vengeance of the Lord upon every opposing force and every resistant power. We bind the kings and nations of darkness with chains and their demonic rulers and minions with shackles of iron. We turn the tables and the turn the tide with the Word of the Lord and declare their utter defeat, destruction and demise.

We will NOT be the ones to be muzzled, silenced and locked in a cave to cower and hide from the powers of deception and darkness. WE will be the ones set free by the power of the Lord. He will snap the chains of the enemy and cause them to flee from before us. He will snap the chains of every witch, warlock and wizard ritual and spell. We will walk away unfettered by the chains of our enemies and we will walk in the freedom of the Lord.

In the mighty name of Jesus whose feet are like that of brass and his eyes like the flame of fire. He is greater! We declare the Word of the Lord over America and the Nations of the earth. We sing out our weapon of praise and come into agreement with the assembly of our brethren in the nations of the earth. We declare! He is greater!

So be it!

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