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He is the King!


We declare! That you are the king! You are robed in majesty. You are armed with strength. This world stands firm and cannot be shaken. Your throne is eternal. You are in charge of it all. You know exactly what’s going on. You know exactly what you are doing.

Oh Lord. You have reigned as king from the beginning of time. When you hovered over the waters and spoke the world into existence. Eternity is your home. You are the majestic king filled with power and might. How can we not trust you! The sound of your voice can calm the chaos. The sound of your voice creates peace. The sound of your voice echoes throughout eternity. Oh! Hear the voice of the Lord!

Lord God Almighty. You are the God of vengeance to your enemies. Punish those who rise up against us. Let your revelation light pierce the conscious of the wicked. Pierce their evil thoughts against America and her President. Pierce through the darkness roaming our city streets and government buildings. Through our school systems and universities. Purge the land! Purge the land! Purge the land!

Arise as judge over the idolatrous and wicked. Arise and punish the proud boasters with their deserving penalty. They boast and they brag. They are big in their own eyes. They crush and cruelly oppress. They mock the Holy One. They mock anything decent and moral.

But you! Almighty God! Your ears are not deaf to their wicked ways. Your eyes are not blind to their crimes. We declare! The hand of the Lord will rise up against his enemies. He will knock them down. They will not know what hit them. The Lord will stand triumphant over them!

Oh Mighty One. Lord of the Angel Armies. Come and shelter our cities and streets from the anarchy. Shelter the innocent and protect our police officers. Cover them with as a shield and go before them with your staff. Let your faithful promises be their armor and protection. Be their rearguard and let no evil befall them. In Jesus name. We rebuke those attempting to defund the police. We rebuke their foolishness and declare them defeated in their foolish political selfish attempts.

We raise up the mighty shield of prayer over this nation. We fly it high. We fly it loud. We declare! Prayer changes things! Prayer moves mountains! Prayer is powerful! The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person is powerfully effective! Oh yes it is. Lord Jesus! You hear us when we pray. You forgive our sins when we pray. You will heal our land when we pray. Let the church rise up and pray!

We say! We will not back down. We will not let up. We will turn from our wicked ways. We will push back the very gates of hell with our prayers. We will stand in the gap. We will be the watchman on the wall. In the street. In the house. At the store.

We stand up and proclaim the mighty name of Jesus to rule and reign over America! He is the King! We will not be shaken.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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