Haven't you heard?

Heavenly Father.

Lord of creation. Lord of light. Lord of love. Shine down your light on us today. Shine down your glory. Shine down on your kingdom on earth. You have been here since the beginning of time. You have no rival. You have no equal. Selah.

We know that you see us. We know you hear our cries. Nothing has surprised you. Nothing is too big for you to handle. You are God! We are mere mortals. We stand aghast. We shout foul. We stagger under the weight of this trial. We stagger at the state of our nation. Our hearts would melt like wax if it were not for your mercies. They are new every morning. Shower us with your mercies as we lift our hands and praise you. Our praise is a weapon!

Steady us on your sure foundation. Give great courage to your warriors who stand at the gate. Yes! Great courage! Crying out against the deluge of anger, rage and hatred. Hear the Word of the Lord you scoffers! You who try to rule with an iron fist. Then you turn around with a feather in your hand. You have made falsehood your refuge and have concealed yourselves with deception. The Lord rebuke you a thousand times. The Lord will repay you for your evil rule over this Nation and her cities. You will fade like the flowers and the grass. You will be trampled on by the Lord of the Angel Armies.

Rise up! Oh Mighty One. The one clothed with majesty and honor. Rise up! Oh Lord of the Angel Armies. Rise up over America with healing. There is healing in your wings. Soar over us today like the mighty eagle. Rise up over America today as the church meets to raise a praise. Rise up over America and come with your great power and your great strength. Rise up! Pull us from this brink of despair and disaster. Give us great courage!

Rise up! Like the mighty eagle and soar soar soar over us today. You bring strength to the powerless. You bring power to the weak. Strengthen us! Empower us! All across this nation. Empower the remnant as she cries out over America. Empower your church. Bind her together with cords that cannot be easily broke. Yes! We say again! Empower us!

Empower our President with divine wisdom. Divine words. He needs your guidance. Give him spiritual insight. Give him Godly counsel. The wicked want to consume him. Consume us. Ho! They will be consumed by the Word of the Lord. The two edged sword that will divide asunder the world of evil. These weapons of epic proportion against us will not prosper. They will not destroy us. They will not succeed. The God of the universe is on our side! He is for us! Hallelujah!

We call down divine intervention. Turn it around. Turn it around. Turn it around. Come in your mighty power. Oh Lord! Rule with your powerful arm. You! Oh Mighty One! You hold the seas in your hand. You measure the mountains with your fingers. You know the weight of the earth, the mountains and the hills. We are but a drop in the bucket before your eyes.

Merciful Father. We know you see us. You see our troubles. You will come to our rescue. You are the God who saves, heals and delivers. You never grow weak or weary. We will praise you. We will trust in you. We will find new strength. We will soar high on our wings of praise like eagles. We will run and not grow weary. We will walk and not faint.

Give us courage. Give us strength. We say again. Our praise is a weapon!

In Jesus name. Amen.