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Guard our Hearts


Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created. All things are in your hands. All things are under your control.

So we fall down. We lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus. The greatness of your mercy and love is unfathomable. The goodness of your heart fills our hearts. We ask that you guard our hearts against the evil one as we fight this epic battle between good and evil.

O Yahweh. We stand in awe of you and your awe-inspiring displays of power. You move behind the scenes in ways we cannot imagine. You answer our prayers. You cover our sins with your sacrifice of love. You are the righteous God who helps us.

Come! O Righteous One! Help us through these twists and turns leading to the upcoming election. We need your strong steady hand to come and steady America. Steady the President and Vice President. Steady the economy. Steady the election. Steady the hearts and minds of the people. Steady us and ground us in faith and not fear.

El Elyon. Most High God. We anticipate intensity from the spiritual underworld. Raise up a standard against the flood of vitriol that is sure to increase. Reinforce the bulwarks. Shore up the walls. Muzzle the roar of our enemies. Muzzle them! Startle and stun them with your signs and wonders.

We cast down these unruly, unholy, unrighteous mobs and schemers. Shouting out hatred. Overcome by demonic powers. We cast down these demonic principalities and powers. In Jesus name. We declare them shattered and torn asunder! Blister them with your fiery gaze and burn these strongholds down.

The Word of the Lord says there is a day coming when the vengeance of the Lord will come forth. Beware you rebels of the Lord! He knows how to humble you! He will put you in your place.

We declare! You will be repaid for your heinous crimes and sins against humanity! You will be repaid for unborn lives you have sacrificed. You will be repaid for this great deception of covid and the lives lost because of your greed. Oh yes! You will be repaid!

We do not condone the evil deeds of our enemies. Far from it! But in your compassion bring mercy. You give us chance after chance to be saved. We cry out for you to save our enemies. Bring repentance and salvation.

Continue to move in these revivals in the streets. Like the young man who was a member of blm. He turned his life over to Christ with his hands lifted high. What a beautiful sight! O Lord. Do it again and again and again! Turn the riots to revivals.

O Yahweh. In these turbulent times with so much animosity and hatred thrown in our faces. We ask again that you would guard our hearts and give us peace.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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