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Greater Is He!

Heavenly Father.

Let the healing begin. Let this day mark a new beginning. Forgiveness flow. Chaos cease. We pursue peace in our hearts and in our homes. Gracious Lord. We look for peace in America. Protect our peace. Protect our freedom. Protect our borders. Protect our innocent. You are greater than our assailants. Greater than our foes. Greater than the enemy of our souls. You are greater!

We lift up the police officers across the country. My heart goes out to the protectors of our cities and our streets. They have all been thrown in the basket with a few bad apples. They are not all bad. No! No! No! They are not! They are brothers and sisters. Daughters and sons. Aunts and uncles. They are moms and dads. Wives and husbands. They are friends and pastors. Good men and women with a calling to protect and serve. Reforms are good. Ideas are good. Checks and balances are good. However! In Jesus name. We are repulsed by these shameless charlatans attempting to dismantle the police. Be rebuked.

Our police officers have been ridiculed and excoriated. Oh Lord. We have literally hundreds of thousands of police officers. They protect us. They walk the beat. Drive our streets. Patrol our neighborhoods. Bicycle through parks. Putting their own lives in danger. It is heartbreaking to see them denigrated and downgraded like common criminals.

We are disgusted by the actions of the now jailed ex-officer in Minneapolis and his cohorts. We pray and believe that justice will be served. But we stop to give thanks for the good officers. We are thankful for the officers that uphold law and order. We declare blessing blessing blessing upon them today. They are men with hearts and spirits. They have feelings. Let your favor and protection go before them. Surround them as a shield. We are thankful and grateful for their service.

We lift up President Trump. He has been ridiculed and mocked. Accused of everything imaginable. Lied about. Made fun of. A sham of impeachment hearings. Excoriated by the leftist media. Disrespected by the media. Disrespected by the House Majority Leader in a show of childish contempt. Who is the child in the room?

His Administration has been attacked from every angle. Traps set. Men jailed. A military general thrown under the bus. Innocent families threatened. It is a sham and a shame. These corrupt politicians are a disgrace to America. They are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Self righteous and blinded by their own greed and hunger for power.

We declare! A blast of Holy Ghost righteousness to blast through the House and the Senate. Almighty God! Rid us of these vipers dead set on destroying America and her freedoms. Sweep through the government and the court systems and clean out the musty halls and dark rooms. Pull the blinders off of dull eyes and clean out the ears of the spiritually deaf. Yes! You can! You are greater!

Oh Lord. We still press. We still push. We still come against the enemy who surely will raise his ugly head. He is still roaming about the countryside. He is still filling the airwaves with shouts of contempt and disdain for America. The spiritual battle in the high places continues. He goes about his business. We go about ours.

We have the upper edge. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. We will overcome.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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