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God is Greater!

Heavenly Father.

You are great! You do miracles so great. There is no one else like you. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Your greatness is unsearchable. You are worthy of our praise. We praise you Lord for your excellent greatness. You are greater!

Bring forth the greatness of your protection over this third night of the Republican convention. Send your protecting angels and surround the White House. Surround every building where campaign speeches are being given. Surround the travel of everyone involved. Build a hedge of protection around President Trump, Vice President Pence and every one at the White House.

We push back against every storm set up against America. We push back the darkness that seeks to invade everything good. We don’t stop. Oh no! We push back. We push back the gates of hell. We push back against the satanic forces setup over this nation. In Jesus name. We pull down spiritual wickedness in high places. In Jesus name. We tear up every devious plot, plan and scheme against America.

O Lord. We speak peace to the winds over California. We call forth the rain to fall and drown out these stormy wildfires. Protect lives and property. Protect every firefighter and every volunteer. Protect lungs and skin. Cleanse the air from the smoke. O Lord. Send the refreshing rain of your life giving Spirit down to California. Rain down grace, mercy and favor on the pastors standing up to this government takeover of religious freedom and covid hypocrisy.

In Jesus name. We pray protection over lives and property in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi and further north. We speak peace to Hurricane Laura. They say this storm is unsurvivable. We say not so! Jesus! Come speak to the winds like days of old. Speak peace. Speak calm. We call forth gentle rains. Calm the squalls. Calm the fury of the waves. Calm the winds and cause them to dissipate to gentle breezes.

Jesus! You control the winds and the waves. Come and take control of these wild spiritual storms attacking America. We see them all around us. The spirit world is in complete upheaval. But you are greater! The demons are licking their chops. But you are greater! When all seems lost and hopeless. You are greater! And you laugh at the plans of the enemy!

We declare your words of hope, abundant life and freedom once again come out in full display at the RNC. Open the eyes and ears of America tonight. Draw them with your spirit into the realms of freedom. Let freedom ring out loud. Let freedom ring out strong.

We the people. We stand united. We stand strong. Even in the midst of peril. Even in the midst of turmoil. You are greater than all the storms that assail us! Come! O Merciful One. Come and wash away the storms and cause the sun to shine on us once again. You can. You are greater!

In Jesus name. Amen.

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