From Sunrise to Sunset

Heavenly Father.

We lift your name on high. We praise you as your loving servants. Your glorious name is forever. Your name outshines the sun. The moon and twinkling stars fade in your presence. The earth and all it’s inhabitants are held in your hand. From sunrise to sunset your name is to be praised.

We lift our heads in this moment of praise. We cast our gaze upward. We lift our hands to give you the glory. We

lift our hands because of your excellent goodness. You have been good to America. Oh! God of goodness and mercy. Lift America up from this valley of despair. We’ve had the wind knocked out of us. We take in deep breaths of your life giving flow. Yes! We breathe deeply of your love and your goodness.

We say! America! All is not lost! The enemy seeks to deceive us. He throws up smoke screens that cloud our vision. Oh! Lord of the Breakthrough! Break through these demonic smoke screens thrown up by the enemy. Break through the corrupt media set up over this Nation. They magnify the few to threaten the many. Give us clear vision to see through the smoke screens. Give us spiritual eyes to see the deception before us.

You have been good to President Trump and Vice President Pence. Thank you for your goodness and mercy over them. We call down an abundance of strength and protection. We declare they will flourish in their positions. We declare that righteous laws and liberties will come forth from this administration. Yes! We come into agreement in the name of Jesus. Trump Administration! Thrive!

We declare America will thrive. Yes! We speak to the Stock Market. To the Dow. To the S&P 500. To Nasdaq. We say! Stop being skittish. Stop being scared every time there is a report of covid19. Rise up and be strong! We declare a settling over Wall Street. This economy will thrive. It will not just barely get by. It. Will. Thrive. Restoration come! Unemployment reduce. Businesses open. Supply chain produce. Economy! Thrive!

We declare covid19 will not survive to become another wave of pandemic. No! Not today. Not tomorrow. Or the next day. You are done. In Jesus name. We declare healing over this nation. We declare the WHO and CDC become of no effect. We call forth truth over this pandemic that has been lied about time after time. Shame shame shame come upon those using this for political purposes. The Word of the Lord says that you will reap what you sow. So be it!

We say! The propaganda media and their mogul backers will not endure. Corrupt political leaders will not endure. Fear mongers will not endure. These radical rioters will not endure. CHAZ, CHOP and their incorrigible state leaders will not endure. Covid19 will not endure. We declare them to fade away like evening shadows.

But you! El Elyon. Most High God. Your name will endure forever. We will praise you from the rising of the sun until the setting of the same.

In Jesus name. Amen.