Freedom Update 9/1/21

Lots of good stuff below on our freedoms and what we can do as Americans to fight back!

Things are constantly changing at a rapid rate. So we work to stay up to date for We The People and our freedoms!

We have to stay informed. We have to stay prayed up. We have to listen for the Voice of the LORD amidst all the propaganda and negativity. We are on the LORD's side and WE WIN! But we must "occupy" until he returns. Not sitting idly by but working for a common goal of freedom in America and the Nations. And working to spread the Good News of Jesus!

Here is a new website that you can utilize INSTEAD of Amazon. Or, at the very least, stop giving Amazon so much of our money! Remember! Our first vote is the ballot. Our second vote is our dollar!

Mammoth Nation is conservative site and features freedom loving American businesses and retailers. Check them out as an alternative to Amazon. We must wean ourselves away from what is easy to what is freedom saving.

Fighting for our Freedom is hard. Communism is harder.

Covid Med Tx and Med Sources

Another source for covid meds: These are telehealth appointments with different levels of care.

And don't forget which is America's Frontline Doctors - founded by Dr. Simone Gold. We heard her speak in person a couple of months ago. It was powerful! She is fighting for our freedom! They have been fighting for the truth about covid and vaccines for the past year and a half. You can get covid meds here as well with a telehealth appointment.

Also with Dr. Stella Immanuel. She was also on the Supreme Court steps and spoke out against the CDC protocols at the beginning of this covid debacle.

Here is a freedom loving job site that has been set up.

There are probably more, just do your research. This one is founded by Andrew Torba with Gab. The job site is So many folks are losing their job due to the medial tyranny and the "forced shot" (so unBiblical and so unAmerican!). Andrew has stepped up to the plate once again for freedom.

Last week we attended the Freedom Matters Tour sponsored by Tennessee Stands and it's founder, Gary Humble.

It was so encouraging to see so many freedom loving and concerned Americans. There are many freedom fighting groups that are forming in cities and towns across America. GET INVOLVED! LIVE LOCAL! It's how we are going to take our Country back from these godless commies.

A great opportunity to serve is found in the John Birch Society. They are freedom fighters (peaceful, of course)! This is a national organization standing up for our rights and working with states and local communities.

I encourage you to get involved and attend the freedom rallies in your area. You will be glad you did!

Take a refresher on the spiritual side of "masking".

I abhor the word "mask" and what they are doing to the children now. They are using them and have drug them into this covid debacle. Protect and stand up for your children! We do not coparent with school boards, health boards or the government! Below is something I wrote last year regarding the satanic rituals behind the mask.

Take off the Mask


Exemption letters and help for masking and vaccines

You can get a letter template form for your employers from America's Frontline Doctors. They have formed a legal team to help Americans fight for their rights. There are other letter templates as well under Masks and the Law or Vaccines and the Law. AFLDS is a GREAT source. Check them out!

You can get Religious Exemption info from Peggy Hall with The Healthy American. She has TONS and TONS of information, help, tips and videos. She has been fighting for our rights since the onset of this covid debacle.

One more thing! Our help and our hope is from the LORD! He is the source of our strength. He is where our help comes from. He alone is the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth!

Remember ... we have NOT been given the Spirit of Fear - but power, love and a sound mind. Don't bow down to the tyrants or their nonsense! Now is the time for us to bind together and TAKE A STAND!