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Freedom in the Son

Father God.

Thank you for freedom. Freedom in our hearts and minds. Freedom from sin and it’s stain. Freedom in America. How blessed beyond measure we are to live in America. Our hearts just explode with gratitude for your blessing upon this Nation.

In these perilous times in America, the remnant rises up. We rise up and declare blessing and favor upon America. We rise up and declare blessing and favor over our President Trump and Vice President Pence. Let the remnant start to spread like wildfire through America. Wake up! Rise up! Oh mighty remnant of the Most High God. We are not weak. We are not old and withered. We are vibrant and alive! We rise up with the strength and power of the Lord! Hallelujah!

We rise up! In the mighty name of Jesus! We rebuke the devil and his lies over this insidious covid19 virus. It has become a propaganda pandemic. Singing banned in churches? Only the vulnerable go to church? Protestors and rioters are not banned? They’re even encouraged? You evil one! You just try to silence the church! You have another thing coming. And his name is Jesus! Ho! Lion of Judah. Mighty conqueror over death, hell and the grave. And His kingdom shall see no end! Did you hear that enemy? No end! No end! No end!

In Jesus mighty name. The one who is mightier than any loud mouth politician or media reporter or radical anarchist! Jesus! Raise your mighty roar over these hypocrites. Roar! Roar! Roar! It is enough! We rebuke this direct assault on the church and on the freedom of religion and speech in America. We call out this hypocrisy. We stand up in the face of the enemy. And like Moses. We declare! Let my people go!

We declare! Over America! It’s a new day. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new freedom. We call forth a turnaround. Oh yes! You are the great turn it around God. We will not relinquish our freedom. We will not relinquish this land to these violent anarchists run by these loud mouth marxists or any other political mob. This land is our land! We will stand up and fight for our rights as Americans. We will fight against any agenda that opposes the Word of the Lord.

We call forth for the Word of the Lord to stand as truth. We rebuke the lies of the enemy! He has planted discord and strife. Anger and hatred. He has planted lies about covid19. He has lied about the President. He has lied about our history. He has lied about the American people. We rebuke every lie. In the name of Jesus.

Stir up! Oh mighty breath of God. Stir up the winds of freedom in this land of ours. Oh yes! He that the Son sets free. He is free indeed. Let freedom ring across America!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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