Freedom Good News

Let's get the word out with some Freedom Good News! came out this week. Woohoo! This is Mike Lindell's new platform for free speech. It features podcasts, tv shows and videos. Supposedly, it will include a platform similar to twitter. They are still working out the tweaks for signing up, etc. But you can go there to view the "Absolute Interference" documentary.

Jim Cavaziel has a new movie coming out at the end of the year called Sound Of Freedom. You can go to to see the trailer. It's about child sex trafficking. Operation Underground Railroad is ran by Tim Ballard. A true hero in the fight against human trafficking.

If you watched the Health & Freedom Conference with Clay Clark this past weekend, you would have seen a livestream of Jim speaking to the crowd. I could write a whole blog on this conference and may do so at some point. During the livestream, Jim was asked this question:

"What do you want to share with the great Patriots here who love this Country and who are devout followers of Jesus Christ?"
Here was Jim's answer: "Set yourselves apart from this corrupt generation. Be saints. You were not made to fit in. You were born to stand out!"

This brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't help but think ... Where are the PASTORS? Why isn't a pastor up here saying this. Saying not to fit in. Not to adapt. Not to bend. Not to bow. Food for thought for another time.

Well, here I am going to talk about this Health and Freedom Conference with Clay Clark. The theme was "We Are Fear Unmasked." Well, that's enough for me. You know how I am about the mask (do NOT get me started!).

Clay actually has a book entitled "Fear Unmasked". It is about discovering the truth behind the coronavirus shutdown. I have just downloaded a sample to check it out. Sounds amazing!

Back to the conference! You talk about INSPIRING. These folks are FIGHTING for this Nation. Clay is going to be taking a shortened version of this conference to churches around America. It is a call for We The People to stand up and fight for America!

You can find all the videos on The speakers included General Mike Flynn, Attorney Lin Wood, Dr. Simone Gold, Pastor Leon Benjamin and Attorney Leigh Dundas, Jarrin Jackson and many more. These people were on fire and you will be inspired and filled with hope.

They spoke about God and Christianity and our rights. It was amazing! America was founded on Godly principles and they were shining forth at this conference. It is worth the watch!

That's it for today. Check back again for more Freedom Good News!