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Ferret Out The Wicked!


You are our daily bread. We seek you early in the morning. Our hearts are not far from you. We need you. We cry out for you. Come to our cities and towns. Come down the country lanes and race down the highways. All across this great land. We call for you to come to us. Protect us and ferret out the wicked!

Many are those who rise up against us. They seem to have grown by leaps and bounds over the past year. It’s like an infestation of evil and wickedness spreading like fleas across the land. It’s like nothing we have ever seen.

Rise up! O Lord of the Angel Armies. Expose and bring to destruction every coup formed against this Nation and this President. We bind them on earth to be bound in heaven. Loose a tidal wave of your glory that drowns out this wicked attempt to over take this Nation. We declare they will not succeed! O Mighty One! Call forth your warring angels to swoop down at your command and swipe these wicked coups from before us. Protect our President and our Nation. Come and ferret out the wicked. Every last one of them.

Ferret out those in this election cycle that are set out to remove our freedoms and everything we hold dear. Cut their ties and resources and cause their plans to falter and fail. Uncover and bring to light the wickedness behind these evil agendas of the left. Ferret them out from the Presidential race down the line to Legislative races. Expose the wickedness in high places. We declare your revelation light to shine forth the truth and awaken the hearts and minds of the people.

We declare victory in the Supreme Court nomination today. You have prepared the way. You have made a way. Move on the hearts of our Senators on both sides of the aisle. We declare this victory to be concise and quick. Stop the shenanigans and grandstanding and let your will be done. We decree victory over the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

We declare supernatural strength and protection over President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families and the administration. We declare all those drumming up lies and accusations against them be exposed! We declare no weapons formed will prosper and no harm or evil will come nigh them.

We rebuke the fiery darts and arrows of the enemy aimed at this debate tonight. Anoint President Trump’s lips to speak forth his accomplishments and to be forthright in his comments. Give him godly wisdom and understanding in everything he says and does. In Jesus name. Pierce the darkness over this debate with your penetrating light of truth. Let the Glory of the Lord rise upon our President. We declare that he will shine and the truth will be revealed.

We declare any disruptive plans of the enemy will be thwarted in this debate. We rebuke the Jezebel spirit that would rise up over the moderator. We bind it and cast it down. Keep her mouth from evil and stop any attempts she makes to join in the debate. Fumble her words. Fumble them. In Jesus name. If her position is biased and hateful then cause her to become confused and confounded for all the world to see. We call forth true colors to be exposed.

O Lord. Continue to expose and ferret out the wicked in our land. Expose the lies and deception. Let their retribution come with a landslide victory in the election. Free our land from the grip of the over exaggerated covid numbers and the never ending fear and guilt mongering.

Ferret out the wicked public health officials and these mayors and governors using covid for financial gain for their states. Shame come to them. Stop this foolishness. We have had enough! We have had enough of your unending attempts at mind control and social conditioning. We will not bend. We will not bow.

Come to our aid! O Mighty One. We say again! Ferret out the wicked. Cleanse our land of this unholy, unruly, unrighteous onslaught. Make us the land of the free and the home of the brave once again.

In Jesus name. We declare these things to be so!

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