Ferret out the Wicked

Father God.

We will sing of your love and justice. We will praise you with songs. We will be careful to live a blameless life. We will live lives of integrity in our homes. Will you come and bless us once again?

We will be careful what our ears hear and our eyes see. We turn our heads away from the fables and lies. They will not be in our presence. We turn it off. Shut it down. Put it aside. We keep our homes clean and pure. We keep our hearts and minds in check and we tune into what the Spirit has to say.

We refuse the vile and vulgar. We despise those who deal crookedly. We have nothing to do with them. We reject perverse ideas. And we stay away from evil. We do not tolerate slander. We will not endure conceit and pride. We search for the faithful. Those who are above reproach. We scoff at deceivers and their deliberate attempts to sabotage truth. Will you come and bless us once again?

Our daily task is to ferret out the wicked and free the city of the Lord from their grip. This is our prayer! Yes yes yes! Oh Lord of the Angel Armies. Many are those who rise up against us all over this land. We decree deliverance! Deliverance in the streets. Deliverance in the cities. Come ferret out the wicked! Deliverance from the lies of the enemy. He is a defeated foe. We say again! The enemy is a defeated foe. We declare this with the authority of the Lord all across America. We declare it to be so! In Jesus mighty name.

We shout to the Lord with the voice of triumph. We shout with the voice of praise. We shout with the voice of victory. Oh yes! We declare victory victory victory in the election. We declare victory over covid19. We declare victory over America. We declare victory over our President. We are determined to stand on the fact that you alone are God. You alone! Things may look and feel like they are completely out of control. But you! Most Holy God. You are in total control.

We enter your mostly holy gates with thanksgiving. And into your courts with praise. Hallelujah! We expect this generation to be set free. We expect salvation to come. We expect the glory of the Lord to reign down on America! Come ferret out the wicked!

In the mighty name of Jesus. So be it!