Do Patriot Stuff

Hello! Here's a couple of great Patriot ladies to follow if you're interested in how to fight back, 2nd Amendment rights, preparedness (we should all be prepared) and other good information. I'm not talking crazy stuff but prepare what you think is good for your and yours. We all think differently but it's good to think about these types of things since we are in perilous times.

First, is the Patriot Nurse. She is a nurse (obviously). She teaches medical preparedness and other great stuff. She has a website where she actually teaches courses or just follow her on You Tube. She has great information.

Second, we have the Good Patriot. She is REALLY into the 2nd Amendment but covers many other issues as well. She is completely entertaining and also very informative. You can find her on You Tube and her website is where she has really cool merchandise you can purchase if you like.

We need to stay informed! We need to be prepared! We need to LIVE LOCAL! Check out this page on my blog site. This is so important. It's going to take "We the People" to take our country back and we can't just stick our head in a hole like an ostrich and wait for this to go away.

We need to do our part in the physical realm and do our part in the spiritual realm. We need to TRUST in the Lord with all of our hearts. God is still in control no matter what it looks like with our physical eyes. After all, we walk by faith not by sight!

Check out these two videos from these lovely ladies. You'll be glad you did. Stand Strong! Let Freedom Ring!