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Do Not Be Yoked


It’s a new day! Hope is rising like the sun! Just like we can’t stop the sun from rising in the East or setting in the West. Hope rises with each new day.

New hope for America. New hope for President Trump. New hope for Vice President Pence. New hope all across the land. New hope for the nations of the earth. There is a hope!

These wicked ones against the Most High God. Everyone of them from the least to the greatest. They are all the enemies of God. That makes them our enemies. They can try to manipulate and control the world. They can try to stop the world and everyone in it and everything about it. They will not succeed.

Jehovah reigns supreme. They cannot stop our faith, hope and love. They cannot stop our praise. All the enemy can do is roar like a lion on a leash. He does not have the final word over America or the election or President Trump. Oh no! He does not!

The enemy cannot stop the feet of Jehovah as he strides across the skies. Preparing the way. Shining the light. Making our paths straight. Calling out our name to follow him and walk in his ways and not the ways of the world or this cancel culture.

We follow Jehovah! We cannot be hindered by the evil things that surround us. We cannot be hindered by the lies and deceit of the enemy. We cannot be hindered by woke pastors and weak Christians.

We run this race unhindered with gladness and joy knowing that our only hope is in Jesus. We put on our running shoes and run this race with Jesus and we will NOT be yoked by the bondage of this world! No no no! We will not be yoked! We will walk in freedom. We are sprinting unhindered to glory chasing after Jehovah!

Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

We will not become entangled with the wicked rebellious ways, thoughts or reasonings of the government or culture in America. We tear down the strongholds of lawlessness. We tear down the strongholds of foolish human reasoning over covid. We tear them down and destroy them!

We tear down the stronghold of fear that is attached to its demonic crowned head. We tear down these proud obstacles setup in front of us on an hourly and daily basis. We tear them down and destroy them.

We chase after the light! We cling to the Cross. We humbly bow at the feet of Jesus and cry worthy is the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

We bow our hearts and our wills. We worship the One who has set us free. We cry holy holy holy is the Lamb! They cannot stop the praise coming from our mouths!

We declare hope to rise over America! We shun the darkness. We shun the foolishness. We shun the evil. We shun the lies. We shun the hopeless words being spread like butter around us.

We cling to the truth. We cling to hope. We run to the light!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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