Do Not Be Deceived!

O Father of Lights.

Come into our midst today with your shining light and goodness. Rise up over us like the morning dawn and shine the love of Christ abroad in our hearts. Walk down the hallways of homes and schools and business and cast away the shadows of evil that are lurking.

We declare over America and the church today! Do NOT be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

We come against the spirit of deception that is running rampant through the church and through the land. People are giving in, giving up and being led like sheep to the slaughter. The devil laughs saying this is too easy. Nevertheless! We will NOT be deceived. Oh no!

Father of Lights! We declare your glorious light to shine down and open the eyes that are blinded to this great deception in the world. You told us do not be deceived! We will not follow along blindly when our spirits are grieved within us. We will stand up to this wicked, insidious, devilish deception and we say NO!

Father of Lights! You have not called us to the dungeon of isolation. You have not called us to slavery. You have not called us to be entangled with the affairs of this wicked world. You have not called us to be indoctrinated by satanic rituals or be held captive by fear.

You have not called us to appease those around us or follow blindly like little lost sheep. Whether friends, family or foes. Whether preachers, leaders or the government. Our faith and hope is in Jesus Christ our glorious savior. He alone is our hope. He alone is our victory. He alone is our shepherd. He alone will save this sin sick nation of America.

You have called us to walk in freedom. We are not called to be masked or muzzled. We are not called to separated and isolated from each other. We are called to be in conversation and community. We are called to be the family of God!

We are not called to forsake the assembling together. We are called to have the right hand of fellowship. We are called to greet each other with a holy kiss. We are called to have fellowship one with another.

Jesus come! Open the eyes of the blind. The blind are leading the blind and they both have fallen into the ditch. The church along with the rest of the world is being duped and lured by this satanic plot of fear and deception. And they blindly follow along like sheep. Our hearts break for pastors and churches that have even fallen into this deceptive trap.

Jesus! We follow you and you alone. You have not called us to walk in darkness. You have called us into your glorious light. Shine your light over America today. Shine your light over President Trump and every other government leader and open their eyes to this deception. Pull off the blinders. Eradicate the scales.

The perfect law of God sets us free! We refuse to be bound the lies of the devil. We refuse to let the world corrupt us. We refuse to let the world take away the freedom of Christ that we walk in.

We are not called to be slaves of fear and deception. We refuse to walk in their murky shadows! We are called to walk in the glorious light of Christ! We grab hold of the Word of God and wield the truth against this deception and fear!

We curse the growing darkness that surrounds us and call forth the glory of the Lord to rise among us! Shine your light Jesus!

So be it!