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Devour the enemy!


The Lord Our Banner! We stand under your banner of victory. You are a banner of protection and victory for your people. You are a banner of freedom and victory over America. You are a banner of triumph and victory over President Trump and this election.

We stand and rally under the banner of Yahweh-Nissi! We rally and bind ourselves together and declare that no weapon formed against us will prosper. In the name of Jesus. We call the troops to arms. Line up! Armor up! We call forth the Lord mighty in battle with his legions of war angels. We call forth the REMNANT battle warriors here on the earth. Those who stand in defiance and refuse to give in to the enemy. The JOY OF THE LORD continues to be our strength and we will not comply!


The Lord Our Righteousness. Rise up! Rise up in your holy and righteous indignation and slay the giants before us. Loose Holy Spirit upon America and the earth and let the rivers of living water spring forth. Arise and shine forth GLORY among us! We declare! The eyes of the enemy will be blinded by your glory and will wisp and fall to the ground like harmless dandelions for the calves in the fields to leap upon.

Spring forth a great awakening of revival, restoration and righteousness. All across America and the Nations of the earth. We declare the evil words and acts of the false prophets of Baal to become useless, null and void and of no consequence. We declare the followers of Molech and Jezebel are defeated foes. Their murderous and heinous crimes against the born and unborn are defeated, devoured and destroyed.

We will NOT bend down to this tyranny. We will NOT give up hope. We will NOT succumb to the naysayers. We will NOT listen to those who say to concede. But we will pray down the GLORY of the Lord over this treason and the tyrants of ill repute behind it. We call down the all consuming fire of God to consume these enemies from the face of the earth! Send them scurrying away. Plunder them. Devour them. Attack them and send them into a lonely desert exile where they will be completely destroyed and covered by the sands of time.


The Lord Who Heals. You are Jehovah who heals us. Heal our bodies and souls all across the earth. Remove the scourge of this man made devil virus from among us. Preserve your people in the earth. And Lord preserve us by curing this disease and preserve us by forgiving us our sins and pardoning us from our iniquities.

O Merciful One. Give us back our health and heal our wounds. Heal Rudy Giuliani and everyone else with a diagnosis of covid. Breath of life come! Lungs breath! Bodies revive! Cells regenerate and strength return! You crowned demonic virus created to destroy America shrouded in mystery and coverup. We declare unto you! “The LORD's CURSE is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the righteous” Proverbs 3:33

Ho! We declare the The LORD’s curse be upon you COVID and the demonic hands that created you. The LORD’s curse be upon any and all governments, government officials and individuals who have played a hand in this evil deception. Arise and shine O GLORY of the LORD. Rise and shine over the sick and the weak in body, soul and spirit. Let miraculous healings come forth! Come O Healer! Let healing arise in your wings and cover us. Not only that Lord. But shine your light of truth and deliver us from the lies, deception and fear mongering that has been created around covid.


I Am who I Am! You are the one who is immediately present. You are right here! Dwelling in our midst. Solving every problem and working as the great director behind the scenes. You are pulling the curtains and pulling the strings of this great drama unfolding before our eyes. You are accessible. You are near. We call on your great and mighty name for DELIVERANCE from the tyranny and anarchy within and without. Deliver us from the plague. Deliver us and overtake and overpower the plots to overthrow our government. In Jesus name. We just say no to your demonic tactics and we will not concede!

We declare the Word of the Lord over America, Israel and the Nations of the earth. “But to you who fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in its wings. You will go out, and leap like calves of the stall.” Malachi 4:2

So be it! On that great day coming when the Lord sets the record straight in America! She will remain the beacon of light, hope and freedom to the world. We decree and declare it to be so and we speak it into existence! We will leap and dance for joy like the new born calves romping in the fields with all of our cares resting upon your strong shoulders. You will indeed heal our bodies. You will indeed heal our land. You will indeed DEVOUR our enemies! We remain FEARLESS in the face of the enemy!

In Jesus mighty name. So be it!

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