Demonic Push Behind the Covid Shot

Can you feel it in the air? Can you see it in on the faces of those rioting, looting and pillaging on the streets of America? Lucifer is on the loose in the earth, but he is on a leash!

Part of this push for the New World Order is the covid shot. I believe this is the weapon they were aiming to use against the people of earth. Covid was just the tool to get this going.

I agree with Wanda Alger and her comments about the shot for those who have already taken it.

"This is not meant to bring any condemnation to those who have already taken the shot for various reasons. It is meant to bring more truth to the spiritual ramifications behind this issue and help everyone understand the END GAME that the devil is playing with us. We MUST be aware of his schemes, and determine to RISE UP IN FAITH. God is our source of healing and He, alone, is the source of all truth. May we have the courage to see and hear what needs to be understood and may we have the boldness to pass it on."
- Wanda Alger

This covid shot is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. A trial run. I think we all have a better understanding of how "even the very elect will be deceived." We need to pray for discernment and ask the LORD to give us clarity and truth and protect us from the evil one and his evil schemes.

I have attached a PDF outline written by Wanda after she attended the Clay Clark Reopen America rally down in Orlando. She is an anointed prophet that I have been following her since covid started. Wanda's website is She does YouTube videos which are sometimes taken down, of course. But everything she does is on her site. Wanda's outline speaks to the demonic conspiracy behind covid and the shot.

I also have a lot of information on my website about this if you haven't already checked it out. You can go to Covid Info and Take Off The Mask.

Wanda refers to a site that lists all of her references. You can even download a free ebook from Dr. Christine Northrup. I will also be adding this information to my website.

The outline is a quick read but full of information. Just click on the PDF link below.

I kept this short because I want you to read the outline from Wanda. You will be glad you did!

Download PD • 253KB