Danger, Will Robinson! Covid Hoax Alert!

Do you remember the original Lost In Space TV series. It used to scare me to death as a kid. For those of you too young to remember, it was one the first (if not the first) scary space program. Oh yes. It was very very scary to a 7 year old.

My husband and I actually rented a couple of episodes from the original series a few years ago. Oh my. It was bad. Very bad. Laughably bad. Painfully bad. Especially starting with the cardboard scenery. Anyway, one of the stars, Will Robinson, was constantly being warned of danger by his Robot aptly named The Robot. He would FLAIL his robot arms and yell out "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger, Will Robinson!"

So here we are in 2020. The year of the covid. And here I am flailing my arms yelling "Danger, People of earth!" Danger! People of earth!

People of earth! Here comes a covid hoax alert! And I actually won't get censored, banned or fact checked here on my blog. Hahaha. You evil facebook fact checkers and wanna be world dominators. Oh. By the by and by the way. You will not succeed. YAHWEH will prevail.

I have put together a list of helpful doctors and organizations FIGHTING FIGHTING FIGHTING to save the world (literally!) from this covid plandemic and casedemic. From this fraud, hoax, evil scheme, diabolical plot and demonic dominion of the world and whatever else you want to call it. They ALL apply!

Check out the latest covid article from Dr. Mercola. We have great doctors that are working desperately to get the word out about the covid hoax. You can go to his site for articles and videos or sign up for his email. He left Facebook. Can't say that I blame him.

I found this doctor on facebook watching his videos. He is on fire fighting this mess. Dr. Eric Napute is working feverishly to debunk the covid hoax. His videos are on Facebook (in between their bans of him).

The Great Barrington Declaration has THOUSANDS OF DOCTORS fighting WORLDWIDE. They came came together to fight this madness! Sign their declaration and join the fight!

America's Frontline Doctors is another wonderful group of doctors in the USA fighting against false and hurtful mandates, inaccurate covid counts and much more. These are doctors that the social-ist media and the propaganda fake news have banned completely.

I am creating a page to showcase these doctors and others to keep everyone informed of their latest efforts in fighting this hostile take over of the world's freedom.

That's it for now. Next to come is a covid hoax rant. I just have to do these sometimes to let off some steam (in between prayers, of course ;-).

Love. Prayers. Blessings to the People of earth!