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By Faith

Gracious Father.

Thank you for everyone in this prayer group. Thank you for their commitment to you. Thank you for their commitment to pray for America. This land that we love. Their commitment to pray for the President. The one you have appointed for such a time as this. The one standing guard at the door holding back the enemies to our civil liberties and our religious freedom.

Give us strong faith! We come right into your presence with sincere hearts. We fully trust you. We hold tight with out wavering. We join our hearts, minds and spirits as we cry out for America. We stand in faith not fear. We stand on the Word of God not the word of this world or culture. We do not bend down to their demands. We do not bow down to their latest whims. We do not pledge allegiance to any of these leftist groups or their agendas. Our allegiance is to the Lord Most High. The ruler of the heavens and earth.

Give us the faith of the people of Israel when they went right through the Red Sea on dry ground. And when the Egyptians tried to follow, they were all drowned. In Jesus name. We declare that when the enemy pursues this President and his Administration they will be drowned in their own confusion and chaos. We combat them with truth. We declare confusion to rise up into the camp of the enemies of this Nation. We say! Confuse and confound them.

Give us the faith of Israel that marched around Jericho seven times. Faith that made the walls to come crashing down. In Jesus name. We declare over America that these walls of socialism and communism come crashing crashing crashing down to the ground. We declare they fall flat. Splat! We rally the troops and march around the walls of these Marxist terrorists. We declare you will not prevail. We shine the light into your darkness. You have been exposed!

Give us the faith to move mountains and overthrow the kingdoms of this world. In Jesus name. We tear down every evil spirit, principality and power. We tear down every lying spirit. We tear down every demonic kingdom setup over the cities of this Nation. We tear down deception. We tear down lies. We tear down strongholds. We tear them down with the authority of the Lord.

Give us the faith and courage to stand in the face of the enemy and declare enough is enough! Yes! Give us the faith to shut the mouths of the lions that seek to devour us. Yes! Give us the faith to quench the flames of fire and escape the snare of the fowler. Yes! Give us the faith of Abraham to look toward the city whose builder and maker is God! Oh yes!

Almighty God. Turn our human weakness into supernatural faith. Great faith. Oh! Hallelujah! Faith to believe in what we cannot see!

So be it!


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