Blessed Is The Nation

Heavenly Father.

Your plans stand firm forever. Your intentions cannot be shaken. You cannot be moved. Blessed be the rock of our salvation! You bless the nation whose God is the Lord. Yes! You do! Reign down supreme over America. Over Israel. Over the Nations of the earth. Reign down on us! Reign reign reign down your blessing. It is your delight to bless your children!

God Bless America! Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. We say! Because of your unfailing love. Because of the importance of America to the Nations. Because of America’s beacon of hope and freedom. Because of America’s support of Israel. You have blessed us for these reasons. We declare! We are blessed.

In the face of tyrants and terrorists. We say! We are blessed. Despite your ridiculous tantrums. Despite your takeovers. Despite your threats. We declare the Word of the Lord over you! The Lord will oppose those who oppose us. He will fight those who fight against us. You will not succeed. You will be blown away like the chaff in the wind. The Lord will have the victory. So be it!

Thank you Father. You have seen fit to bless us with President Trump. You have placed your hand upon him. You have protected him. You have strengthened him. You have caused him to be much loved even amidst much hatred. Surround him as a shield. Be the shade on his right hand. Shelter him from attacks by the enemy. Protect him from the terror that surrounds.

Merciful Father. You have been full of mercy toward us as a nation. We are forever grateful. We place this upcoming election in your hands. It is crucial. We believe we have been called for such a time as this. The church. The remnant. We have been called to stand in the gap. We have been called to be the watchman on the wall. We never tire of these holy warrior words. They give us courage and strength! We sound the battle cry with a praise on our lips and a sword in our hand.

Almighty God. Help us! Not to fall back into complacency. Not to accept the status quo. We say! No! We cry out over the election. We continually lift up President Trump and Vice President Pence. Night and day. Day and night. The next few months are pivotal with America. We can see the danger. We can sense the darkness. It is foreboding. It presses in on every side. From without and within.

We cry out to you for help. We know you see us! You understand us. We are not equipped enough. We are not strong enough. Our warhorses cannot give us victory. But you! Oh Lord. Our Warrior God. You watch over those who fear you. We rely on your unfailing love. You will rescue America from death. You will keep us alive during the famine of uncertainty and unrest gnawing at the foundation of our country. We hold onto your Word and your promises. They are yes and amen. Oh! Yes they are!

When all hope seems gone. You’re our hope. When we feel forsaken and defenseless. You’re our shield of strength. When we become weary minded and battle worn. You’re our joy. We trust your holy name. We bless your holy name! We sing our songs of deliverance to the enemy’s face.

Oh! Lord of the Heavens. Lord of the earth. Be our shield. Be our fortress. Be our strong tower. Surround us as the nation whose God is the Lord. We bow before you and you alone.

In Jesus name. Amen.