Big Tech Alternatives

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Big Tech is attempting to silence us and isolate us. THIS IS REAL and is happening right before our very eyes. There are some alternatives we need to take advantage of before it's too late.

I have setup a page specific to Big Tech alternatives in the website/blog. If you get this email, you can take advantage of this and SHARE this information to friends and family. Go to Big Tech Options for an outline of what you can do. There is also a printable PDF for you to print out. I will send out more updates and info as I receive it.

Big tip! TURN OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! They are liars and their father is the enemy! Follow only trusted sources. The Victory Channel does a show called Flashpoint. It is helpful and very encouraging with up-to-date news, prayer and insight. They're on Facebook and YouTube (for now). Click here for their website.

Keep calm. Keep in prayer. Keep the FAITH! Read the Word to build your faith. Believe. Trust. Hope. God's Got This!