Beware Pipeline Propoganda!

I knew it! I absolutely knew it! Did you know it too? Read the info below from a caller on the Rush Limbaugh (oh how I miss him) Show yesterday. My husband actually heard this caller!


Pipeline inspector testimony today on Rush Limbaugh radio show ...

“You’re 100 percent right,” says the caller, who claims he’s surveyed the Colonial Pipeline in the past.

“I’ve spent 15 years working in the oil and gas industry and also the energy industry, I just finished working 10 months in California and I’ve seen what they’re doing there, and it’s 100 percent a manufactured collapse.

“If they wanted this thing going they would send guys out and open the valves up and get gas flowing tomorrow. They don’t need the electrical instrumentation to do that. So this is 100 percent a manufactured crisis. They’re trying to collapse the country.”


Makes total sense! Right?

It just confirms exactly what we were thinking! It’s made up. Just like the covid casedemic hoax. Just like every other lie and deception they spew in our faces. They are trying everything in their power to induce panic and to dupe Americans.

The media just does not stop with this nonsense. They are Fear Mongers! They are Panic Inducers! They are Deceivers! They are Liars! Turn a deaf ear and live your life. Do not fall prey to the propoganda! Follow after truth! Love Jesus. Do good. Walk humbly. Live in the Word! It will set you free!

O God of Truth! Wake up those blinded by the lies. We declare! EVERY LIE WILL BE REVEALED. In Jesus name. Amen.